December is almost upon us

With dinky’s grandparents moving to Ireland, I have to make this the best Christmas ever, even in the hostel. We are still waiting for the CAMHS referral, and I’m going to see her play therapist next week on Tuesday to discuss dinky and what the therapist can do for her while we wait for CAMHS. I have an assessment on Monday with a place called steps well being, they offer support and advice to those with mental health issues on a number of issues, including housing. So that’s another step in the right direction. Everything is in place, but I’m an impatient person. Waiting, waiting, waiting. I hate waiting for things. We’ve waited 7 months so far in the hostel, we’ve waited 2 months for the CAMHS referral (not CAMHS fault, it was the GP surgery that held it up for 4and a half weeks) , I waited a month for the steps well being assessment, and I’ve waited 2 months to discuss dinky with the play therapist.
The other side of it is, everything stops for 3/4 weeks at Christmas. No play therapy for dinky, no appointments with S, and the CAMHS referral with probably lead to an appointment in January or February or possibly even March, and the steps well being place will probably start working with me in January.
It leads to an overwhelming sense of aloneness around the Christmas period for us. We won’t be lonely as such, we have each other, and on Christmas day another resident is staying here with her 18 month old. I’m not reliant on services, but at the moment we could really use the support and it is being withdrawn. I know we will get to January just fine, we will have the best Christmas possible and dinky has got nearly everything she has asked for. As long as she is happy I’ll be pretty happy.

Tomorrow my dad is coming up to play Xbox and moan about work, then he will be back Saturday, I have Sunday as a day of rest, and then monday is the start of a busy week.
I probably won’t blog over the weekend, but then I doubt anyone reads this anyway.

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