And so the week began…

Yesterday was a full on day!
I got Dinky to school for 8.30, stayed to do her phonics, she was great! I had breakfast with one of the other mums who had kindly agreed to pick dinky up from school as the second appointment would end too close to the bus time and I would be cutting it fine to pick her up on time. I went into town and to the job centre for my work focused interview. Once I mentioned that I was in a hostel and was under CMHT she said I should probably go to Employment and Support Allowance when my income support ended the week dinky turns 5. That was the end of the appointment. So I had 2 hours to kill while I waited for my assessment with the mental health link services and cafe. So I did some more Christmas shopping. It was freezing so I took a slow walk to the building. I was 15 minutes early. So I sat down and waited for my assessment. I hate assessments. They obviously serve a purpose but it always feels like a test.
The woman doing the assessment was really nice. She explained the service and asked if I thought it was a good match for my needs. When she asked about my income she said “so you are in ESA?” I said “no I’m on income support” for some reason that always throws people. S had a similar reaction. Like they expected me to be on ESA, granted I would have an extra £120 a month if I asked to be signed off but I haven’t because it is bad enough being on benefit, without taking more from the public purse. Although I might have to claim ESA in February if S doesn’t think I’m ready to deal with the stress of looking and retaining work.
Another one that threw the woman was Disability Living Allowance. Well I haven’t got a diagnosis of any mental health disorder just lots of professionals saying I have PTSD, so why would I make a claim for DLA?
Anyway an hour later and agreeing to a link worker and going along to some of the social activities later (I don’t particularly want to be around people but S thinks I need to socialise more) the meeting ends. They just have to wait for S to sign off on it and then I’ll get a phone call telling me when to come and meet the link worker.
I picked dinky up from her friends house after spending 2 hours there watching dinky play and eat, got her home, got her to bed and felt shattered!

Today should have been easier. The only appointment was half an hour with the play therapist to discuss dinky and her needs, and to give her a fuller picture of dinky’s behavioural problems and anger and a little background info on what has been going on.
Except, because the bus driver was 15 minutes late, which would make him late for lunch, the bus wasn’t going to the school. So I missed the appointment. I was furious! I have had to rearrange the appointment for next week. It might not sound like a big deal but I really wanted to be able to get this over and done with and get a chance to ask the questions I wanted to ask. Obviously the bus driver being 15 minutes late for lunch was more important than the 30 odd passengers getting to their destinations.

So there is a lot to tell S in the last appointment until the week beginning the 7th January.
It just seems as if there is someone or something out there destined to screw things up on a weekly basis. It would be funny if it wasn’t for the fact that it drives me nuts!

Oh and I still haven’t heard back from CAMHS, I should hear by next Wednesday or I have to phone again. I am just hoping there hasn’t been another setback. But knowing my luck… Something will go wrong, I can hope otherwise but it is better to be realistic, that way there is less disappointment.

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