Still being messed about..

Yesterday I phoned CAMHS they still hadn’t got dinky’s referral. So I phoned the GP surgery who said it had been faxed on the 15th of November. So I phoned CAMHS back, who told me that they definitely didn’t receive it. So I had to phone the surgery back, and ask them to fax it there and then, to which they said, “we’ll get it faxed today.” which isn’t exactly reassuring since it was first supposed to be sent on the 3rd of October and it is now the 11th of December. If I phone tomorrow and they STILL haven’t received it I will be taking the referral down to CAMHS myself on the train! (provided I can get the surgery to agree but after all this they better had!)

Today I went to see the play therapist.! She seems nice, but did ask me lots of rather personal questions. But I suppose that is par for the course, so we went through my involvement in mental health and why. We went through all the places we’ve lived in and who with. We went through all the things I am concerned about.
At the end after rescanning the 2 sheets of A4 she filled in she rubbed her head and said that for everything that is going on Dinky is a great kid, utterly adorable and she said that I had done a great job, considering what we’ve been through that makes it an even better job. Well, I’m not one for compliments and sometimes drive people crazy when I go red and ask them to please be quiet, but it was nice to hear that Dinky is actually okish. Apparently for everything that is going on she could be a lot worse. So I have to be thankful for that at least. She did say that CAMHS is a good idea. And if I don’t hear anything soon to give her a call and she will push for Dinky to be seen quickly considering the amount of waiting we have always done because of the doctors surgery


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