Feeling out of control of everything

To be honest I’m pretty sick and tired of the current situations.

I phoned CAMHS back regarding dinky… They FINALLY got dinky’s referral but passed it straight onto integrated services. They didn’t really explain what it was so I did some research on the Internet and found that it is a multi disciplinary team with CAMHS, social services and other organisations. I don’t know which other service will be involved as they are age related. There is one that is birth to 5 but dinky turns 5 in feb, so there is another service that is 5-10 but I don’t know if that means waiting until she is 5 for that service to get involved.
At first I got really paranoid because of social service involvement, but I talked myself round after reading that they opt for multi disciplinary teams normally if the parent has mental health issues and if the family have housing issues. It doesn’t necessarily mean they will take dinky away. From what the play therapist said dinky is as good as she is because I’m doing an ok job, I don’t hit her, she is fed, bathed, clothed and everything so there is no reason for social services to even consider that she would be better off anywhere else, but they could prove to be of assistance in the housing situation and in getting dinky the right help.

I find it very irritating being told you are intelligent. Only because it doesn’t change the fact that I have not got the concentration levels for education. It is basically like saying your intelligent but will still be stuck in a dead end job whichever way you look at it.

Christmas is coming and I’m getting stressed because I got dinky everything she wanted but she can’t play with half of them because there is just not enough space.
Plus I don’t relish having to spend the day with one of the other mums. I shouldn’t have agreed to it, but I just don’t want to be around other people at the moment.

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