Going to London… (not to see my messed up relatives!)

Dinky’s grandma has decided that she should see her after all. Well, it is Christmas time right. It is the time when people actually decide that dinky does exist. Which I must say winds me up something chronic! The rest of the year she just has to get on with it.
For some reason the grandma think that because dinky is going to see her she is just going to turn into this amazingly behaved child for her. Bull! She has seen her once in the whole time since we became homeless and in that time dinky slapped the dog round the face, let the dog out of the car by a busy road, an off from them and generally misbehaved. Seeing as she got worse from the August I really don’t see her having much of a different way of getting dinky to behave in the 5 hours we will be there.
It is going to be bloody awkward for me because I don’t like unfamiliar places or people. Dinkys grandma is living with a friend since her husband left for Ireland. So we re presumably going to this friends house. Whether or not this friend will be there is not clear.
Then there is the added fact that the tube isn’t running properly due to engineering works. Which means an added 30 mins on our travel time. Which is not easy with a kid that gets easily distracted and refuses to listen to simple instructions. But dinky misses her grandma so I have to pay to take dinky there no matter what the hardship is on either of us while the grandma sits pretty waiting for us to arrive. It is a piss take if you ask me. The woman drives and it would be easier if they came here. But no, I have to put in all the effort for no thanks and for it not to be reciprocated.

As if I haven’t got enough going on at the moment!

Why is it people have this ability to get me to do what pleases them no matter what the cost to me and I just accept it and then get annoyed because I’ve agreed to this bullshit way of doing things?

It was the same with Christmas day. I allowed the other mum to get me to agree to spend Christmas together, cook and pay for half the food. The problem was that her husband works and was eating too so that’s two adults one kid and I’m only one adult one kid so how do I end up paying half when I don’t work? She says she will be up at 9am when we agree it and then Christmas eve she says she won’t be up until mid day and then gets up at 1.30 and I end up cooking the dinner with various disruptions so she can use my phone to call her husband and we spend about 2 hours of the day together. Not exactly what it was advertised as.

I really need to stop letting people walk all over me! How? No idea.
And the mental health nurse wonders why I don’t like people!
Maybe it’s because the people I get friendly with use me and drop me!

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