Isn’t it Monday yet?

Don’t get me wrong I love dinky so much it sometimes hurts. But with the rain soaked playgrounds means we were ‘home’ today. One of the most annoying things about being here is that there is no room for dinky to play. She has her little table squeezed in-between her bed and the radiator in front of the wardrobe but all I hear all. The time is crash bang wallop. We played a couple of games of angry birds frustration but I really wasn’t in the mood for playing mike the knight or avengers (which entails dinky getting her hulk toy to “hulk smash” everything in sight including my hands). I went along with it for a while. We went for a walk to the shop but seeing as dinky saw it as freedom she wasn’t exactly well behaved.
I just can’t wait for school to start again on Monday. She can be with her friends, play, run around and generally be a kid. I can’t wait until we get our own place. She can play on her room or on the floor (she can’t play on the floor here because there is no carpet and it isn’t worth the aggro from the woman downstairs. Re noise).

Dinky has been invited to soft play by one of the kids she used to go to Playgroup with. I can’t deny her the opportunity to run around for 2 hours. Then my dad comes up saturday. I’m hoping if i ask nicely he will take dinky out for a bit of one to one time. I don’t think it is supposed to rain Saturday. He confuses me though because he will say I don’t ask for his help often enough but when I do ask him he moans and doesn’t help.

Waiting again until Monday to put in another housing bid. This week the only one was down the road from where we are now, which is no good because it is too far away from the school.
No post yet with info on everything else I’m waiting to hear for.

I’m going to watch tv, and some films, and possibly play the Xbox


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