Mind advocate, changing mental health nurse, and dinky goes to hospital… All in a days work!

Today was one of those days!
So dinky was up at 4.30am courtesy of our noisy neighbour downstairs. She was dressed and breakfasted at 6.30am. Got to school at 8.20, did the phonics and off I went.
I got a phone call from B again telling me what I ought to do while I apply for jobs, so much so my new response to her when she goes off on one “ah huh, yep, good idea, yeah I will look into it” and repeat!
Got home, tidied up and cleaned the floor, waited for the mind advocate to discuss my issues with the mental health nurse. She was really nice and she asked me to go through our appointments chronologically and tell her any little comments or anything that made me uncomfortable and we would discard anything that we agree is not really a big issue. When I told her some of the stuff S had said S was very inappropriate and I had every right to feel aggrieved. I told her how she can be very contradictory in what she says, I gave 3 examples, apparently there is no wonder I get confused by the mixed messages. The advocate asked me about my care plan. My response “what care plan?”, according to he the advocate I’m supposed to be involved in my care and treatment. That’s a laugh!
She ran through the options. I could:
Talk to her in the appointment for tomorrow at 9.30am but work on bullet points with the advocate
Rearrange the appointment and have the advocate present
Cancel the appointment and try to change mental health nurse without advocates help
Cancel the appointment and try to change mental health nurse with advocates help
Make a formal complaint

I opted for cancel appointment and change mental health nurse with advocates help, without making a formal complaint.

So after the major confusion as to which office S actually answers to out of the two offices she is attached to, we manage to cancel the appointment and ask how to go about changing nurses. I have to write a letter to the manager of the nurse practitioners. So we worked out exactly what to say, the advocate is going to type it up and bring it round for me to sign tomorrow. Normally I’d do it myself, but I have enough to deal with. It’s different, to let someone else help, odd and uncomfortable, but it is one less thing for me to have to deal with. The advocate even gave her number to the CMHT. S phoned and left a message on the advocates phone. She is going to fob S off until the paper work goes in to change nurses. Awkward and severely uncomfortable situation avoided!

Went to get dinky from school. On the way home we get some carrots to feed the horse she rode on Sunday and the other horse in the field. I broke the carrots up and dinky fed the horses. All was well until the white horse sniffed dinky’s hand and chomped hard. I heard a pop and dinky scream I instantly tried to grab dinky’s hand but the horse wouldn’t let go. I instinctively tapped it on the nose and shouted “OFF!”. The horse let go, dinky was screaming. Her hand was bleeding, and It was swelling. I called a cab. We got to the hospital at 4.10pm. Went to X-ray at 5, got back from X-ray at 6 got seen by the doc at 7. Luckily it wasn’t broken,they redressed the wound, gave her antibiotics, and warned of the dangers of getting it wet as the risk of infection given that it was an animal bite that broke the skin.

B called as we left the hospital. Apparently I shouldn’t send dinky to school tomorrow, to give her a chance to rest. Seriously does she not think I can make ANY decisions for myself? Honestly! Her kid has a 60% attendance rate and the only reason they are not reviewing the circumstances is because her daughter is not 5, therefore not compulsory school age yet.
Dinky spent the whole time waiting for X-ray and waiting for the doc messing about and causing mayhem. A couple of times she caught her hand on something, and stopped for maybe 10 seconds but was straight back in there. No broken bones, able to play = able to go to school! She has antibiotics, and calpol, she will be fine. If she isn’t, she can come home.

I phoned my dad to let him know about dinky’s accident. He agreed with me, she’ll be ok to go to school and the school will phone if she isn’t.

So we will see how she gets on tomorrow!

No appointment tomorrow so all good…. Still waiting on post or phone calls for everything else!


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