Deputy head and play therapist going the extra mile!

Apart from the fact I was pretty annoyed yesterday at the school for letting her get her hand wet, the school have been great today.
I got to the school at 8.20, went to the office to ask to drop dinky’s antibiotics off. I got in and the school nurse wasn’t there so we waited with one of the lads dinky knows. The deputy head came over to see me and dinky. She told me that she had spoken to dinky’s play therapist and her class teacher and they had set a date to do a common assessment framework form (more commonly known as a CAF), the deputy head is sick of waiting for the integrated services to get their act together, so they are being proactive. It sounds quite positive, it’s basically the form integrated services would do. It indicates all the issues we are facing as a family.
The teacher told me they had set it for the 25th January at 9am.

I booked dinkys party at wacky warehouse! She is going to be over the moon. I’ve stopped smoking for 5 days and had saved enough for the deposit for the party! So all good there.

I got home and then got a call from the play therapist.
She asked how Christmas was. I told her it wasn’t great but it was the best I could do. She told me that dinky was doing really well given the circumstances. She had started playing out the move from the house we lived in with C and P. She is very angry at the whole situation.
Dinky has also said she feels like she doesn’t belong anywhere. Which breaks my heart. she doesn’t connect with her peers and spends more of her playtime with older kids. I knew dinky spent her playtime with older kids and was a little concerned that she only wanted to invite 2 children in her year group, one from her class and one from the neighbouring class, other than that it is all year one and two students. She also commented on dinky’s refusal to go into school without kicking off because I’m not there. She said I am dinky’s only stability in life so she doesn’t feel safe without me there. Which again is heart breaking. Dinky is also refusing to do schoolwork again, and the new TA can’t get her to do anything and nor can the teacher.
She said not to get too disheartened. She says it is amazing that we are doing as well as we are given the circumstances. It really doesn’t feel like it. The play therapist said she wished that she could do more to help dinky, she said if she could see her everyday she would as dinky gets really excited knowing she is going to see her. It is the only day she eats, brushes her teeth, gets dressed without any fuss. She walks nicely to the bus stop, plays on my iPhone nicely, and doesn’t create complete havoc in the playground before school, just a little bit of chaos! Which is fine, she wouldn’t be dinky if she didn’t! She has a big smile on her face which is the biggest difference.

I’m glad she has one day where she is happy to be at school and gets so much out of it.

So 25th Jan, CAF form. And go from there!

I might have a chat with her teacher today after school, it seems that her teacher is finally taking this whole situation more seriously.

Let’s see


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