Dinky’s morning and risk assessment

Dinky was a little bit of a pickle this morning. We only just made it out of the hostel on time! We got to school and dinky found the water table, which had frozen over. She had taken her gloves off long before we got to school, and started seeing how much force the ice could take! Then she managed to grab as many kids as she could to look at the ice. By the time the door opened for phonics there were a few children pushing on the ice with their parents trying to pull them away! Dinky got the teacher to look at the ice and the teacher asked the kids why there was a layer of ice.. Just then one of the dads (who I will just have to call super dad because he makes me laugh pretty much every time he drops his son off or picks him up!) squealed ‘oh look ice!’ took his glove off and pushed it then it cracked and most of the kids who were still by the table felt their hands get soaked as the weakened ice gave way. Super dad whispered in my ear, shall we teach them to walk on iced over ponds next? I said I wouldn’t tell dinky or his son that they might actually want to do it!
So we got everything squared away to start phonics and super dads son came over with dinky’s sticker sheet for coming into class with her shoes on and without running off. Dinky grabbed it and ran off to the medical room to get her stickers. I was still putting the book bag away when she ran off, I saw mrs W the deputy run after dinky, and mrs N ran out just before me to get her back to class. Mrs. W explained to dinky that she had to do her phonics before she could get her stickers and she wouldn’t get them without her post it note smiley faces from Mrs. N. she also told dinky she would finish their story from yesterday once she had done phonics with mummy. So dinky was happy to run back to class and grab her book. She tried doing the letters but had the attention span of a goldfish this morning so we left it after she had done two of each set.
as soon as she finished she took her book to Mrs D (the wednesday class supervisor) and she got her two smiley faces. We went to the medical room, got the stickers and dinky walked right into the deputies office and asked the head teacher to leave so she could finish her story! The head just said ‘ok dinky, enjoy your book!’. I said goodbye to dinky and gave her a kiss and cuddle.. Done!
On my way out the teacher asked if I could pop in after school and sign the risk assessment.

I do some shopping and boring stuff like buy her some new school shoes ect..

On the bus to school I bumped into one of dinky’s friends nan. She always picks up M and his sister Tuesday-Friday and we get the bus back across town. We chatted on the way to school and stopped at the cafe for a drink. I mentioned having to speak to the childminder about possibly having dinky for my appointment and she said there was no point in wasting money, she would take dinky from school for me and bring her up to the hospital by which point I should be done and ready to go home! That’s one less thing to worry about! I told her I would be late to the bus stop as I had to stop off in the class to sign dinky’s risk assessment.
I got to the school and super dad was talking to another dad. I joined in their conversation. Then the topic changed to the kids. Super dad said his favourite by far was dinky, maybe almost as much as his own kid because at least he wasn’t the only one who misbehaved. I said yeah, dinky is his son+. Super dad asked if I thought dinky was worse than his son. I asked if his son was on the SEN register, he said no. Then he made a big joke out of it saying that she was even higher in his estimation by being on a register and so having three letters added to her name like an OBE, or bachelor of hons! His son came out before dinky and he said he would wait, I said there was no need as I had to go sign a risk assessment for dinky. He laughed and said ok, dinky wins, maybe she is son+! I said there is no winner in this we both still have children who like to create mayhem!

So I went into the classroom, and sat down while dinky pulled out some toys. The teacher pulled out the risk assessment and said even though I already knew what was going to go in it she would have to explain it to me and get me to sign it.

Dinky’s risk assessment….

Potential risk-

*Dinky running away

How the risk can be avoided-
*Dinky will receive a sticker if she comes into school without trying to run away
*Dinky will be greeted by a member of staff to ensure they know when she has arrived
*Staff will be extra vigilant when the gates are unlocked between 8:40am and 9.30am

Potential risk-

*Dinky getting hurt if adults need to hold her because she is trying to run away

How the risk can be avoided-

*Staff to only hold dinky if where she is running to is unsafe. For example- if the gates are lock and dinky attempts to run outside, staff will let her go and follow her to keep her safe. If the gates are unlocked because it is early in the morning, staff may need to hold dinky in order to keep her safe from the roads.
*If dinky needs to be held, where possible this will be a member of staff who has attended ‘team teach’ training
*any occasion when it has been necessary to hold dinky, will be written up
*dinky’s mum will be informed of any occasions when staff have had to hold dinky
*staff will only hold dinky for the minimal amount of time and with the minimal amount of force
*other strategies will always be tried prior to holding such as distraction
*two members of staff will always be present when any holds are taking place.

I asked the teacher who the trained staff were and she said she would find out but she wasn’t one of them.
We discussed dinky a little and at the end the teacher said that dinky really does try to be good and she is very sweet and her friends are important to her. She also said that her bad behaviour wasn’t spiteful or malicious in anyway, she is just a little more work than the majority of the other children. The one thing that did stick out for me is that she said that she needs to create that kind of adult/child bond with dinky that mrs H, mrs W and the play therapist have with her, but she finds it difficult.


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