Housing, the play therapist and Dink’s escape attempt!

Things in the hostel are quite a bit better since the woman downstairs moved out! No more late night calls, no more worrying if she is going to make yet another complaint about dinky’s noise and no more going downstairs to find all of her rather large family’s clothes in the machines all day.
I went on this morning to look at what is available this week to bid on. 4 properties! Unfortunately none in the right area, on the plus side though, we were top of the list at 12pm for 3 of them and second for the other! Maybe, just maybe the next time one comes up in the area of dinky’s school then it will be ours! I might have to take the mind advocate with me to see the housing officer (I wouldn’t normally but the housing officer is a pain, and some back up wouldn’t go amiss!), that way I can plead my case for trying to get consideration for the right area if we are very near the top of the list, if something comes up.
It’s that or leave it down to integrated services who have said they are going to try and help with the housing situation! Yay!

The play therapist called today. She asked how WE were getting on. I used capitals because she asks about how I’m doing too which is nice, especially seeing as she doesn’t have to. Dinky is her priority. I told her about the library on Saturday. Fun! Oh well. I also let her know about the CAF and what integrated services said to the deputy. She seemed happy for us. Although when I asked her if it would solve dinky’s problems she said she wasn’t sure. So we will just have to wait and see on that one.

I have been looking over dinky’s learning journal with the childminder today. I think I might have to spend some time working out what was normal age development and what wasn’t. If that fails I might ask the childminder what she thought dinky’s strengths and weaknesses are seeing as she is a trained early years professional (she has quite a few certificates), and she has known dinky since she was 1 year old.

I went to the school to get dinky and the class supervisor (covering for the teacher who was on a course), asked if she could have a word. So I waited. Who walks in? The deputy head. Apparently during lunch dinky said that she wanted to escape and then tried to climb the fence. The deputy had to get involved and talk her down, then had to calm her, and explain that she couldn’t do things like that at school! To be honest I was pretty shocked about the whole thing! The deputy said they were going to have to be more vigilant at the moment! I felt for her because she looked like she was a little stressed and was running out of ideas of how to stop dinky doing it. When she asked dinky why she was doing it she said it was because she wanted me. I know I’m her mum, and I’m the closest person to her in her life but I’m not megamum! I honestly thought she would like a break from me and spend time with other children. I’m at a loss as to what to say!
I might text the play therapist in the morning and let her know what happened at school as she is seeing dinky in the afternoon. Maybe she can get some sense out of her?

I don’t know. I’m getting rather confused by everything dinky orientated right now. I’m trying to work out for sure if dinky has issues other than the housing situation. I’m starting to actually believe there is.

Oh and dinky has a contact book! Shame there is literally only space for about two sentences. I must admit I’m a little disappointed in the teacher. I know she made the effort to actually create the book in the first place but she hasn’t exactly given herself much space to let me know what goes on.. Then again maybe she just doesn’t want to…. However much I really like the deputy and the head, I’m really not impressed with the class teacher!

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