Steps for me and Special needs swimming for Dinky

I will get round to explaining April, at some point… But I need to arrrrrrrgggggggghhhhhhh and I can’t do it on Facebook as only one of my Facebook friends knows that dinky is being assessed.
It’s not like it is a trade secret, it is just, I’m not a sociable person, most of my friends on Facebook are old friends and people I occasionally have small contact with once in a blue moon.
So why do I need to arrrrrrrggggghhhh…
Well, yesterday I had another steps meeting. L is lovely and honestly she seems to be one of the most down to earth and friendly of the people I end up being sent to. Although it really was not an easy 40 minutes. I have had a call and I have an appointment with another MHN on Friday. So L was trying to get me to see that I don’t help myself because I don’t let people see the vulnerable. Yeah I’ve heard it before. What I don’t get is how others don’t see that then. How come M from the counselling service and L from steps see the vulnerable? She got me to try and talk to her first. Not easy…
Well I had this awesome idea that now Dinky gets DLA I should get her into some special needs classes that she couldn’t do otherwise… Like…. Swimming… Hey, what could go wrong? First of all I must point out the reasons swimming in an ordinary swimming lesson wouldn’t work.
1) numbers- I watched the end of a swim lesson and there was one instructor and 12 kids. Dinky could not be one of those 12 kids as none of those 12 kids would get the support from the instructor as swimming pools are dangerous places (and proven today) dinky just doesn’t understand the term dangerous. She sees what she wants to do and does it.
2) other children- forget numbers other children would be a distraction and she would do stupid (and dangerous) things in order to be liked
3) her demand avoidance- imagine a child who actively avoids demands, put that child who has autistic traits in a new environment and add excitement. Not good. How would an instructor of a class teach her?

So I got her into the special needs swim group.
Dangerous, demand avoidance, controlling and meltdown…. That was her swim lesson.

How, or why they are willing to have her back I don’t know. I think I will be a nervous wreck although I have ideas as to how to improve it for next time.

The worst part, was seeing her in a special needs group, not doing well, and not being the most high functioning child there. Which surprised me. A lot. And now I don’t know how to feel. I feel… Sad almost.

Oh and to top it off her teacher is a bloody idiot and put a stage 1+ book in her book bag… She read a level 5 over the weekend and read it almost perfectly! It’s writing and numbers she can’t do!

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