New Risk assessment, the behaviour flow chart, and swimming lessons… I’m pretty much done in today!

I am very quickly losing patience with the basic incompetence of this senco and the EYFS unit at the new school.

I have been busy today, sort of. I had meant to tidy the boxes away and move the front room around, ready for the woman from integrated services tomorrow. But I got caught up on here and on the PDA facebook group… ooops.

I picked dinky up and was given a white envelope and a rather full looking book bag. Apparently Dinky was very good in the morning then went to nurture room in the afternoon.

(for those that haven’t heard of a nurture room, it is basically a home away from home in school, less structured learning time and more social skills and more of a homely environment with a bigger teacher to student ratio)

This might sound like great news, yay, good day at school. Well, you be forgiven for thinking it, but you would be wrong. It just means more need for her to let loose at home, and with swimming, I had to use plan b. No reading unless dinky wanted to, no demands, some screen time and some fiddle and spinning time.

We got in, and I opened the envelope, it was the new risk assessment and the behaviour policy flow chart.

The basic level of incompetence in this senco is astounding!

  • She got the teacher’s name wrong!
  • Misspelt the TA’s name
  • put something in that will not happen as it can not be followed
  • said something to me and then did the opposite in the risk assessment!

I really hope we can find someone else to be our lead professional for the TAC meetings!

I am a little concerned about the flow chart. There are 3 behaviours that lead to permanent exclusion on a discretionary basis for the number of incidents, maximum of 3.

  • I have really hurt someone
  • I have sworn at adults
  • I say no to an adult all the time

Dinky is more than capable of all three, but the problem will be that she wont understand that she is actually doing anything wrong. I can see her being permanently excluded by Christmas!

The other side of the flowchart is equally scary as she has had phase 3 of 5 on a number of occasions already, and I can see it only getting worse when she starts KS1 in September.


Today’s swimming lesson was interesting. The instructors rotate and this new one got off to a bad start with Dinky. Then she found something that worked, she made Dinky her deputy and got her to teach the other child how to do certain things. The other child wasn’t bothered, but dinky likes being in charge.

Then dinky had enough and decided to get out, run down to the deeper area and jump in despite both myself and the instructor shouting for her to stop.

Lesson over!

The instructor got out and tried to talk to me as dinky was pulling me into the changing rooms by her wrist reins. She said “Oh she is full of life isn’t she? I bet she is a right handful!”

I was thinking Thanks for that assessment! Yes she is obviously full of life and she is obviously a handful given that she is not only has a hard time conforming but is strong enough to pull me by the wrist reins, and is fast enough to get out of the pool and run and jump back in before either of us had a chance to grab her, and being oblivious to the danger she put herself in doing it…. stating the obvious much?

So I did my bit and told her about PDA being a possibility and if she, and the rest of the special needs instructors wanted to find out more all the had to do was pop online to !

We got a lovely cab driver on the way home. He had picked us up before. He had a new car and let Dinky press the button to close the door, and open it again as we got out. He also lets her eat her banana in the car, despite the no eating signs!

Thankfully swimming still runs during half term.

So now I am starting to worry about this meeting tomorrow, with the person from integrated services. I know the first port of call is to blame the parent, especially the single parent who was abused by a parent, and was homeless with the child in question, throw in the mental health issues and I have a battle on my hands.

Again I have to prove that I am a half decent parent, with the ability to parent well, but Dinky’s uniqueness needs a different sort of parenting style which I am trying to adapt and I am finding that it is even harder to gauge parenting when the techniques that work are almost the opposite of what traditional advice is for challenging children. I fear we will have to have the ‘yes I have mental health problems, but I am not crazy and neurotic, I promise, but I believe that dinky has PDA’ I will be armed with a booklet from and all the literature from both schools about dinky’s behaviour. I have to swing her round to the PDA idea, otherwise I fear she will be just as useless as the rest. 


This could be a very interesting day tomorrow…. 





2 thoughts on “New Risk assessment, the behaviour flow chart, and swimming lessons… I’m pretty much done in today!

  1. This post have brought back some memories Dinky sounds very much like Mollie was at that age. I’m relieved to be past the stage of trying to convince services involved with Mollie about PDA. It is so draining having to justify yourself at every turn with an ASD that no one has even heard of. I hope that you have worked your magic on them today and that your meeting has gone well.

  2. thanks Jane..
    I have posted a new entry about the integrated services visit. It went very well, but I have left persuading her about an ASD I don’t know if my area recognises until she has met dinky. I didn’t want to push as she was being very nice lol

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