Today is PDA ( pathological demand avoidance ) awareness day…

Today is PDA awareness day.

I fought with myself a lot over how much to reveal on my personal facebook page.

One of the hardest things was, what others were going to think. Then it hit me. Should I care what other people think of me and what I post on my facebook page? No, no I shouldn’t. Dinky has been referred to the child development centre for suspected PDA.

PDA needs to be recognised more widely and therefore it needed to be done.

I really hope that more people will look at PDA and more places will start to diagnose it as a condition in its own right. This will make a big difference to these children, as the handling guidelines are different.

If you are reading this and you don’t know about PDA

1. Thanks for reading

2. Please pop along to

3. Please spread the word!


2 thoughts on “Today is PDA ( pathological demand avoidance ) awareness day…

  1. Well done Trish for being brave enough to open up. It is a tough decision and it is different for every individual. If I follow you will automatically be shown on my blog. Do you want me to do that or would it be too much exposure for you at the moment.

    • It’s fine, I guess it is time I give a window for others to look in… You never know… It might help someone else. I guess the reason I haven’t said anything about the blog or made it public was because it is not just about dinky. It is also about me and my mental health issues, not that there is anything wrong with having mental health issues, it just complicates things and how I view things.

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