Special needs group

Dinky has been quite lucky I guess.

She has no diagnosis, and only got awarded disability living allowance a few weeks ago.

A few months ago, I went to a housing conference and met the guy who runs the special needs group, he passed on my details. I felt like such a fraud. The lady who runs the group said not to worry, after seeing her for a few hours (Dinky went to a party at the house where they run the group from)she definitely has additional needs and we finalised the paperwork. Yet again Autism spectrum disorder came up.

Easter Dinky went on 2 trips, the farm and the cinema.

Then, she was given 3 Saturdays over 3 months, well 2 in May and one in July.

Library, Cinema, Cinema.

So when she got her letter to pick something for the May half term, I was thinking anything but the cinema. Today I got her letter. She has…..   The cinema, despite it being our last choice. Dinky loves the train and they had a day trip to bluebell railway which she would have loved! But she got the cinema… again.

I wouldn’t mind but I don’t think it is her favourite thing. She wouldn’t get ready this morning, her feet were bored on the way to the bus stop, and she was holding on to me quite tightly. I don’t know why she keeps getting the cinema.

Now I know that sounds very whiny. However, they now know dinky gets middle rate care on DLA which entitles her to be in the group. I cant work out why her preferences are being ignored.

Today she saw Wreck it Ralf. Now she is alternating between spinning, going under the table and is on the edge of meltdown. This is not good, I hope this doesn’t spill over until the morning, it is the Zoo trip tomorrow. (I knew I was barmy booking it!)

(I have to admit this morning when dinky was doing her ‘I cant get dressed’ routine and the ‘you moved my toy without my permission’ flip out. I thought about feigning illness and staying home alone, letting my dad and dinky go together…. Nah, I couldn’t do it really. How can I ask a 5 year old to look after a nearly 50 year old, she might lose him!)

I was a little concerned about Dinky. I couldn’t work out if it was her just being in a very PDA mindset or what but she refused to come home with me for a bit, this is the conversation… (after countless attempts to get her to come with me)

Dinky: you are NOT my mummy, you are a ALIEN!

Me: I am your mummy, look at me, I look like me, I sound like me, and I love to the edge of existence and back again.

Dinky: You have a costume. I realised you were a Alien.

Me: Well, that is unfortunate

Dinky: why

Me: Aliens cant get into London Zoo. I guess if I AM an alien, we cant go.

She headbutt me a few times lightly, then she went quiet for a while and muttered to herself, until she decided it was indeed safe to come home with me after all.

I guess I will just have to see how she goes. As long as my dad doesn’t wind her up.


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