Special children’s day at London Zoo


We had an eventful day!

We set off later than we would have done on previous trips. Even though the zoo had a special entrance for those attending for the special children’s day, I though tit best to avoid the lines and go up and have an early lunch nearby the zoo.

Dinky was off to a great start and although messed about getting ready, we got out of the door on time, and on to the bus.

Apparently, she has learnt to play ‘rock, paper, scissors’, and was playing it with my dad on the bus as she was sitting next to him. It was very amusing when her competitiveness and her rules clashed. Instead of sticking to the rules, she made up her own. She would wait to see what my dad had and then change hers behind her back so she would win. Such a cheat! (although to be fair I probably did the same at her age!)

On the train my dad managed to prize Simba (stuffed toy) away from dinky in order for her to play with the iPod, I told him it didnt matter but he was adamant, and simba was put in her bag.

We got to London and found somewhere to sit for lunch. Dinky asked for her Simba toy. I looked in her bag, no. I looked in my bag, no. Dad looked in his bag, no. Simba was gone, dinky went into one. She was screaming and hitting my dad because he took it off her. I took her off to a quieter area. This had happened once before with Jake (another stuffed toy). We emailed the lost property and when they said they couldn’t find him, we told her they were sending him out and when she was at the childminders I brought an identical Jake. To this day she still believes that all the toys at the London transport lost and found are like those in toy story and come to life and have a party until they find their way home like Buzz and Woody seemed to always do. So I told her that simba would have lots of fun and would be well looked after until he found his way home. I even got her to agree to them giving him a bath so that he is ‘as good as new’! I told her the plan was always to get her something from the gift shop, so maybe once we had a look around the zoo we might be able to find something she can look after and show simba when he gets home.

It took some persuading, but she sobbed a little because simba was all alone, and then we went back to my dad, who I was scowling at!

So then we all had our lunch then got the bus to the Zoo. I could not believe it when dinky looked as if she would fall asleep! She normally puts the duracell bunny to shame. She came to life at the zoo. She liked the fact that there was no lines, she got a special wristband, and the lady gave her, her very own map.

We had a few simba references, especially at the lion enclosure(with an added mini meltdown because my dad can be a moron occasionally), but she did very well.

She loved the monkeys, the butterflies and the giraffes the most. She had another mini meltdown over coming off the carousel.

We went round the entire zoo (except the aquarium as we only went to the London aquarium/sealife last week.), Dinky had her picture taken with various people in animal costumes, had her face painted (and subsequently scratched her face 5 minutes after having it done!), and sat and had ice cream by the penguins. I went into the shop and got her a pink monkey and a few other little bits and we left.

On the way home she was on edge.

She loved the monkey and was playing with the iPod on the train. We got a cab from the station and got home at 6.30 pm.

It took quite a while to get her ready for bed and to reassure her that she could go to sleep without simba and her new monkey would keep her company until he came home.

I am shattered, and tomorrow I shall start my Simba look a like quest.

Just 2 months ago, if anyone told me that I could take dinky to the london eye, the sealife centre, and London zoo in an 8 day period without more than a few meltdowns, I would have laughed in their face!

I guess the not queuing (as she gets really on edge, people look at her and she does not like that! And then she has to wait which she finds near impossible, so I am constantly asking her to stand next to me and stand nicely which becomes too much for her, so she starts head butting, I get angry and it becomes a huge battle… and that is before we even get in anywhere, and unfortunately sets the tone for the rest of the day), and the change in control for non essential parts of days out, have really, really made a difference. A difference I did not think was possible.


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