Just when you start to question yourself…. BANG!!!!

I think I should stop saying I have had an interesting day, because nearly every single day with dinky, is in fact, an interesting day!

Sometimes, I go through periods where I think that because dinky hasn’t got a diagnosis, it means that she doesn’t have PDA, I question my beliefs and I wonder if she is just a pain in the bum… and then… along come days like today!

This morning she actually got ready in time! Although I wasn’t celebrating too much as we did start at 5.30am, which gave her 3 hours….

The walk to school was actually good. I asked dinky about nurture and she said it was better than staying in the class. when I asked her why she said because doing letters and writing numbers is boring and I hate it. So I left it a minute, and asked what she likes about the classroom. She said she likes free time and she likes reading, ‘reading is fun! Sometimes.’

In school we go to do the activity, which is again, school trip related. I kept trying to tell this one TA that Dinky didn’t go on the trip, but she kept saying ‘it can be anyone from that day’. Grrr.

I managed to get dinky to write a letter to the train people thanking them for getting Simba back. I swear her writing is just getting worse. I really want to jump in at home and get her to do some writing to keep her levels up, but I don’t want it to be a case that she gets no help because she is doing well academically.

Once Dinky had finished her writing she went off to play on the computer. I spoke to beginning of the week teacher who said,

“do you think she is settled now? I think she is doing ok. We have started using other techniques like, telling her what we are doing and then leaving her to make the right choice instead of pushing her. Asking in a round about way.”

Oh my giddy aunt!

So they ARE capable of following direction! WOW! Knowing the school though, it is only beginning of the week teacher that does this. It has to help matters in regards to diagnosis, that the school report, that the PDA techniques work better than traditional ones, right?

At the very least it would be handy if we could have a TAC before the paed appointment and then make sure PDA techniques are on the TAC notes and take those into the paed.

Hopefully it will show that it is NOT me just being a neurotic internet researcher mum.

I came home, watched a bit of JK, then had a look on the iPad. I saw a message left on the blog… I replied, then saw that there is a new blog post from the person that left the reply. So I read it, as it is like a small glimpse into the future. Unlike mine, her blog is always insightful, there is actual research done, and articles that are relevant to other people. In short her blog is fantastic…(if you want to have a look for yourself go to blogs I follow.. it is pathological demand avoidance an autism spectrum disorder)

It seems dinky is just like her daughter was at 5, and it scares the daylights out of me. I have read what happened between 5 and 9 and seriously, I don’t know if I am ready! I have one slight advantage. I know about PDA, and am doing my best to put the strategies in place.

Then I get a call from school.

Dinky has hurt her arm and hasn’t moved it for over an hour.

Now this is taken from my blog entry on the 2nd of February 2013

Hmm, well. Friday was a very bad day for dinky.
First of all she had a fight with her friend. Well her on/off friend according to the TA. The teacher just stood there. The student had to protect the other kid and I had to muscle my way past parents and kids piling into the tiny area that the fight was taking place. I grabbed hold of dinky and literally dragged her out of the classroom. She kept trying to get back in ago I had to hold her. She punched me and shoved me in front of the teacher who had come out. She ran off looking for the deputy. The welfare officer came in and tried to help. Then the deputy came. They told me to go. It is so hard to go when your kid is distressed, but I left.
I did some bits in town and then headed home. At 12.30 I got a call. I looked at my phone and it was the school. Filled with trepidation I answered. It was the deputy. She said that dinky had fallen over and another kid had picked her up and dinky said she hurt her arm. Apparently dinky hadn’t used her arm for 2 hours and the deputy wanted to see what I wanted to do. There was no swelling or bruising and she didn’t seem distressed at all. I said I’d pick her up and get it checked and would be there as soon as I could but it might take a while coming from the other side of town.
Well on my way to the school my phone rang again. I picked up, it was the deputy again. Dinky had made a miraculous recovery! She was fine. So I did some window shopping and picked her up at normal time….

the post continues to an abysmal effort of getting her out of the school.

She had also done something similar where she said someone had hurt her (accidentally), and I got the bus stop before she miraculously jumped up and said she was fine, the little so and so.

So I was sceptical, but erring on the side of caution, I went to the school to pick her up.

When we got to the bus stop she was being difficult. She wanted food, and I said she couldn’t as she had to go to hospital to get her arm seen to. So she hits and kicks and cries because she is hungry and she wants to go on a big bus, and then she ran off, so I had to chase her as I didn’t put the wrist reins on her only good arm.

We got on the bus and every bump she yelped. I really changed my mind then. We got off the bus into the UTC at the hospital and sat in the paediatric waiting room. We got there at 1.30pm. Dinky read to me and I read to her. She played with her arm dead straight by her side not moving it at all.

when we went to see the triage nurse she was avoiding all contact until a sticker and bubbles were offered. Then she answered the questions and actually spoke to the other nurse in the room when he asked questions.

We waited again, then were sent to X-ray. Where again we waited, but dinky had bubbles so she was happy. Not once had I seen her move her arm. Every time someone tried to move it she refused to let them, said she couldn’t and screamed at them. Which is why I think they brought out the bubbles to catch her out.

X ray was interesting as he wanted her arm in a position she didn’t want it put in. 1 guess who won that particular battle! Then the radiographer said she could have some chocolate once she was done. Grrr, I wish they didn’t say things like that. Once we left Xray (after dinky had a look at the pictures of her bones, had a play with the x ray machine, and messed about a little) all she went on about was the chocolate the man said she could have!

Again we waited….

Nothing broken, and the doc said it was more than likely to be ‘pulled elbow’? The doc asked dinky to sit on my lap so they could pull her arm.

In what can only be described as typical PDA fashion, she hid behind a section of wall and refused to come out. She tried to get what she wanted by saying she would only come out if she could take the bubbles home, and if no one pulled her arm.

I let them keep making demands and failing. Then I told her that we would be stuck in the room for a long time if we didn’t do this, and I promised we could get dinner out because she was such a brave girl. I asked if she wanted a cuddle.

So she came for a cuddle. The ambulance technician on placement, blew lots of bubbles and the doc grabbed her arm pulled and twisted. Dinky screamed! I held her tightly.

The doc said it sounded like it was back to where it should be and she should be able to move it now. Problem was, dinky was so unimpressed at the doc, she refused to show she could now move it. So we spent another 10 minutes trying to get her to show she can move her arm.

Turns out it is all fine now. which is a relief!

We left at 4.15pm.

I took dinky out to eat, and she picked a small toy for her bravery, and I got her chocolate.. (yes, thank you Mr. Radiographer…NOT!)

We got home, dinky watched some TV, got ready for bed and by the sounds of it, is asleep!

Relieved, shattered, and it is the end of another day… hopefully, that is it for the drama today!

Tomorrow is another day… Swimming… fun…


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