Dinky is a funny little thing…

There are times where I have considered duct taping dinky to the wall with a large piece over her mouth… (Saw a great picture on face book! There was also one where a boy was hung on the line with about 50 pegs… ahhh a mum can dream!)

Then there are times where I realise that I have to take stock of the other side. How funny dinky is, how wonderfully unique her brain works, just what lengths a child can actually stretch to in order not to do a simple task.

I am going to make a new page on the top with dinky’s best bits!

Getting dressed there were so many excuses…

  • my legs hurt
  • I need the toilet
  • I need to get Simba
  • I don’t like the dark (so she couldn’t possibly put her jumper on)
  • I need to check my book bag
  • I’m thirsy
  • I’m hungry
  • I need to watch my tv
  • I need to find my iPod
  • I cant find my socks
  • I don’t want these socks

Then I had the audacity to laugh at her when she huffed and puffed while putting her school shoes on. Silly me.

On the way to school she was talking about wanting a cat. I laughed again when she said she had been really well behaved, so she kicked me, proving my point!

To be fair I did say that before I found out about PDA, so told her I would speak to her granddad and ask him if he thinks she has improved enough for a cat.

So she was happy on the way to school. When we got there it was quite amusing. Dinky went to put her coat up and I went to put her book away. The TA asked how she was… I said she was fine. The shock on her face. She said she was convinced by how dinky was going on that she dislocated or something. I said no, she had pulled elbow. They twisted it and it is now fine.

So we got on with the activity, clay modelling a mini beast. Not the worst activity. She made a butterfly (well, at least she says it is a butterfly). She wouldn’t listen to me when I said it was too wet to paint. I let her get on with it. She was engaging in the morning activity happily.

After she went into the puppet theatre.
I watched her boss around two girls and then they got annoyed and left her to it. At first she got cross, they were not supposed to leave, the lion (Simba) hadn’t chased the giraffe. She shouted for them to come back. Then she sat there and refused to come out.
She had no idea that she was bossing them around, she had no idea they were bored, and she had no idea why they would leave, as far as she was concerned they were having fun.

I pulled out her mini beast sheet to show her teacher. She came out and seemed happy enough, so I left.

When I went to get her she was hyper. She had a good day at school and apparently has started sitting nicely at carpet time (so she can have time with Simba).

She was a little on edge on the way home.

On the way to swimming lesson she had me in fits of giggles.

Dinky: Can we get a dog?

Me: As much as I like dogs sweetheart, they are hard work and where would we put the dog when we go on holiday?

Dinky: Grandad can look after her.

Me: what if granddad wants to come with us?

Dinky: well, we could tell him we are not going and go.

Me: so we lie to granddad? that is not nice

Dinky: if we say we are going to the park, he wont want to sit in the park.

Me: So what.. we leave granddad thinking we are just at the park?

Dinky: Yes mummy, yes!

Me: no dinky no! That would not be nice.

Dinky: How bout we get a cat and take it on holiday with us.

Me: We cant take a cat on holiday… Even if we could take pets, a cat might get confused and get lost.

Dinky: No, cats make paw prints, we just follow the paw prints.

Me: oh look there is our bus! Quick! (end of conversation)

I couldn’t believe she would do that to her poor granddad! Hahahaha

We got to swimming and she asked for some goggles as she said she cant get the hoops because she cant see underwater. So we go the goggles, she looks awesome in her swim gear! She has a plain black swim costume, a nemo swim hat and pink and yellow goggles! Bless her.

She was excited, and just wanted to jump in the pool. She was doing quite well. She has mainly been practicing kicking with straight legs. Dinky wanted to do speedboat (tube float, bent in two to look like the front of a speedboat and the kids hold on and kick to propel the boat.

Well, dinky was doing great, it made me so proud! She was fast (just like she is when she runs)! Then she made everyone laugh…

Swim teacher : why did you stop kicking?

Dinky: Ah, runned out of petrol.

The rest of the swim lesson she was winding up a different teacher by splashing her and shouting. There was no issues getting out today which was a change! She did try to climb the fake palm tree, but that is nothing really, hey, she just wanted to get a coconut!

Last funny thing of today…

She went up to bed at about 7.30pm, at 9pm she came back down dressed in a fairy costume with a knight’s helmet, and Simba on her wrist reins!


I love Dinky so much, and it is days like this that make the spitting, hitting, and the shouting just that little more bearable.


Oh and I got an email confirming her speech and language assessment for Monday! (I like private therapists, they work on bank holidays!)



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