The halfway mark of her first term in the new school

Sometimes, it feels like the teachers do not get it.

I have asked to be kept in the loop as to how she is getting on and how she is at school. I have told them I wont discipline her for any bad bits if that is their concern. Actually it is the opposite, I try to make her feel better after a bad day at school. I do not know a 5 year od that behaves badly without cause. Well, we know dinky’s cause. She cant cope with the demands. God knows how they are going to cope with her next year when she starts KS1!

My point, and I do have one, is I’m annoyed by the schools idea of proper communication, especially end of week teacher.

EOWT: Dinky is doing great! She is really good.

Me: Oh? That’s good… I would rather her be good at school.

EOWT: Oh don’t get me wrong she is not easy peasy, and can be quite challenging, but she is making friends!

Me: Oh ok.

She obviously doesn’t get it, or get dinky, despite my offers of insight seeing as I have known her for the whole of her existence! Obviously the teacher knows best… That is why they couldn’t take her on the school trip unless I went, or unless they had 2 teachers escort her so that they could restrain her if necessary! Yeah, crack job love! The special needs group manage to take her out with needing 2:1 and without having to restrain her! The old school managed it.
But sure you tell me she is doing fine!

I cant even say this to her, because they always catch me at the beginning or end of the day when I have Dinky. I have had to tell them to stop talking about her bad parts of the day in front of her as it isn’t fair. I have however said it to the senco and to the deputy head.

They even put in a contact book. Which, they obviously don’t fill out properly as nothing in it describes a child which can be challenging.

The whole friends thing makes me laugh. Like that is the mark she is getting on really well. Yes, dinky makes friends really easily. However what they don’t do is look deeper at the friendships and see how the kids interact with each other. If they did, they wouldn’t be so enthusiastic. Plus it is early days, by Christmas dinky had one through plenty of friends. I doubt there will be as many by the summer holidays.
OBVIOUSLY, I don’t want Dinky to fail in her friendships. I hope she does the opposite of what she did at the last school, but my money is on her alienating herself because of the way she is. Which she cant help. I just don’t want to get excited by the fact she seems to be making loads of friends and then find out she lost them 6 weeks later.

So, today I have been working out and organising her half term holiday. We now have something booked in Sunday to Saturday.

It was strange, I actually got a phone call from her granddad in London. They haven’t seen her since New year. So that is nearly 6 months ago. Dinky is going to see them on Sunday.

Next week we have

Sunday – country fair with grandparents (dad’s parents)

Monday – Speech and language assessment followed by a visit from her friend from preschool.

Tuesday- Soft play, followed by activity afternoon at the leisure centre

Wednesday- Integrated services lady, followed by swimming

Thursday – Meeting up with one of the kids from her old school

Friday- Special Needs group

Saturday- Day out with my dad

Sunday…. rest!

Back to school Monday!

All in a days work… I have also researched my dad’s 50th birthday present! I think he is going to love it!


Dinky wasn’t too bad coming home today after school. When she got in she seemed a little tired. She had the blanket over her for a long time watching Wall-E. She had melon and cheese, then refused to eat her dinner. Getting her ready for bed was a royal pain, as per usual. But she loved the story.

So all exciting stuff next week. We shall both be thoroughly shattered by the end of the week, but it will be nice. Hopefully she will enjoy it.


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