Half term begins

My dad was over today and had dinky for me while I went to town to get his present as it was on offer for bank holiday weekend and we are busy tomorrow and Monday.

Apparently she had been quite well behaved in my absence. When I got home she was acting up a little and being rather rude.

She soon settled though and we had a nice afternoon. That was until I had a very bad idea, obviously I had no idea at the time just what a bad idea it was.

Dinky went to the toilet and I decided it would be funny to say boo as she came out.

However, not only did she not find it funny, she went into meltdown mode. I tried to give her a hug and got many thumps and a right hook to the jaw! (she is rather powerful for a 5 year old, it bloody hurt). She was screaming, and hid under the table. she stayed there fro a while and then proceeded to tell me off. We had a cuddle and she was digging her chin into me at random points. I guess it took a lot to forgive.
Needless to say, I won’t be doing that again!

Dinky is off to see her grandma, granddad and aunt tomorrow. I haven’t told her yet so that is going to be a surprise for her. I am sure she will be very happy at the prospect of spending a few hours with them.

I am getting slightly worried about how much I have packed into next week. We have now been invited to the circus on Thursday by a wonderful person and her lovely child who has PDA.

There are only a few things that she cant stop when ever she wants. I wont be there for the activity afternoon on Tuesday or the Special needs group on the Friday. However normally she is fine with the special needs group and it is only 3 hours on the Tuesday. The other days I can stop what ever it is we are doing if she cant handle it or has a meltdown.

We shall see what the week brings…


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