Speech and language assessment results…

So, earlier today I posted a blog about the Speech and language assessment… Well, about an hour ago I received the report… I have edited names and deleted any personal information for anonymity purposes.


Speech and Language Therapist’s Report


Name: Dinky                                    Date of Report: 27th  May 2013

C.A: 5yrs 3month                      Date of assessment: 27th May 2013



Dinky was assessed at the request of her mother. The assessments were undertaken in her own home and completed in one session.

There were no examples of refusal and she responded positively to praise.

Listening and Attention


Dinky displays a good ability to concentrate upon her own agenda.  Attention to adult directed tasks is similarly well focused.

She shows a positive interest in others and visually stimulating materials, but may be disturbed or distracted by auditory and visual stimuli.

Stage 5 – integrated attention – can attend fully, but for short spells only –

approximate age 4-5 years.


Dinky uses visual, auditory and situational cues to good advantage and may give the impression of adequate understanding of spoken language.

Formal assessment of understanding of spoken language was undertaken using the Test for Reception of Grammar (TROG 2-E).

The TROG assesses understanding of grammatical structures, e.g. “The boy is running” as opposed to walking/not running.

It is presented, via computer, with 4 pictures to choose from, the target picture, a grammatical error, a lexical error and a distracter. 

Dinky achieved a raw score of 6 blocks, an age equivalent 4yrs 09mths, percentile rank 32, standard score 93. Results were somewhat scattered.

She was able to decode reversible in and on, “the cup is in the box”, reversible svo, “the cat is looking at the boy, not only X but also Y, “The pencil is not only long but also red” and reversible passive, “The duck is chased by the lady.

She experienced difficulty with three elements, “the elephant chases the duck”, four elements, “the horse sees the cat and the book”, relative clause in subject, “the man that is eating looks at the cat”, reversible above and below, “The cup is below the star” and comparative/absolute, “the duck is bigger than the ball”.



Dinky freely uses spoken language to convey her thoughts, requests and observations.  However, she presents with many false starts and revisions, indicative of syntax and word finding difficulties.

Formal assessment of use of spoken language was undertaken using the Renfrew Action Picture Test.

The RAPT produced a raw score of 23 ½ for information, age equivalent 3yrs 6mths, where 24 is the mean of the range19-27 and a raw score of 20  for grammar, age equivalent 4 yrs 0mths

There were examples of syntax errors, e.g.:

“He’s, he’s just trap er the mice”,

false starts and revisions:

“The … the basket …. the carrier bag…. with all the tomatoes in, or apples, are falling out because it has a hole in it.”

and auditory confusions:

“It’s tungled up” – confusion with “tangled”, target word “tied”.

Speech and Phonology


Dinky presents with normal voice quality. 

No feeding difficulties are reported. At rest the lips are closed, the tongue does not appear over large and she does not mouth breathe.

A full oral examination was not considered appropriate at this time, but there does not appear to be any weakness of the oral musculature.  There is no reported drooling or choking. Tongue movement is appropriate

Articulation is mostly mature with only the substation of /s/ for /sh/ noted.




Dinky is aware of the rules of turn taking within a conversation.

She shows a positive interest in others and is able to use appropriate eye contact and

non-verbal communication.

She is not always aware of the listener’s needs.




Dinky presents with slightly delayed reception of grammar.

Expressive language is more significantly delayed, with examples of word finding difficulties.

This linguistic profile is strongly indicative of a specific expressive language disorder.



As a result of her linguistic profile, Dinky is a child who is likely to fall behind her peers in all areas of linguistic and social development.

She requires specialist speech and language therapy input, devised and delivered by a speech and language therapist on a weekly basis and supported by an experienced multidisciplinary team.

Skills learnt in an individual setting will need to be generalised to other school, home and social settings. 

The therapist should input to termly review and setting of I.E.P. targets.

Therapy will address all areas of speech, language and social development, but with particular emphasis upon:

  • Decoding of      syntax.
  • Expressive      Language – development of the use of spoken language.
  • Sequencing      Skills – both auditory and visual.
  • Techniques of      word finding.

I confirm that I have made clear which facts and matters referred to in this report are within my own knowledge and which are not. Those that are within my own knowledge I confirm to be true. The opinions I have expressed represent my true and complete opinions on the matters to which they refer.

So there it is.

I was a little shocked at parts. 3yrs 6months for 1 part and 4years 0months for another. It is further behind than I thought. I was only kidding earlier when I said 18 months, but the information at 21 months behind is worse than I had anticipated. I guess it is part and parcel though. It makes me feel slightly vindicated. Obviously I would have been much happier had I been wrong.

The recommendations were a bit of a shock. Weekly speech and language sessions, she didn’t once mention that she was available for speech and language sessions, nor did she try to give me costings, she knows I will ask for treatment on the NHS. So I am 100% sure that this is her professional opinion and not a private SaLT wanting more money.


I think the term is ‘be careful what you wish for’, this morning I just wanted the results.

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