Getting ready for the head teacher tomorrow….

Today I have realised just how gifted Dinky is in her demand avoidance!
This morning I videoed Dinky refusing to get dressed and refusing to go to school. I watched it back this afternoon.
I did not realise just how much I was sucked into the distraction. This morning I ended up taking a photo of the cress Dinky is growing at home (we are growing cress at home so she could see a fast growing plant, as the subject at school is growing), and printing it to show her teachers.

I was more aware of the pretending to be a train and needing to fix the train, yet I still could not distract her out of this delay tactic.

Watching it back is very odd. I can see PDA jump out. I am going to collate the videos tonight and then show them to the head teacher while pointing out the relevance on the folder I have collated on PDA. Luckily I haven’t missed much out from the resource page..

… as I have now run out of printer ink… (ooops).

The important bits are all there and hopefully I will not need it for anything else. Unfortunately I am not very lucky so I guess it will be the most used document in my house! I guess it may help with my dad too, if he doesn’t read it, I could always use it to smack him over the head with, as it is rather heavy!


The integrated services lady was ill so she didn’t manage to come round today, she phoned at 9am to let me know that she wasn’t well and was taking the next two days as sick leave.

She will be coming over on Tuesday instead.

The pickup from school was awkward. End of the week teacher is not impressed with me, which I could not care less about, because the feeling is mutual.

I intend to bring up (again) the poor communication issue. While I understand it can be difficult for teachers at the beginning and the end of the day to have a conversation with parents, it should be simpler to write in the contact book, but apparently it isn’t.

Dinky managed to come home with very few issues, she watched the Smurfs and Gnomeo and Juliet, ate her dinner and then pulled out all the demand avoidant stops for getting ready for and getting into bed. Again I filmed it.

I am shattered, which is why this is a shorter blog post than normal. Also I still have some work to do in order to be ready for tomorrow.


So until tomorrow…


6 thoughts on “Getting ready for the head teacher tomorrow….

    • Thanks Jane.
      I am spurred on by your advice and hoping that I can stop Dinky going down the same route that Mollie went down.
      I just hoping I can get my words together. I will be doing lots of practicing lol
      (it would really help if dinky went to sleep though!!! lol)

      • thank you Jane, that was very kind of you, although it seems it was unnecessary, as the head teacher was not in this morning, despite telling me to go and see her after I dropped Dinky off in the morning.

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