Education failures and swimming highs and lows

As always the school manage to make me so angry that I don’t have time to dwell on the paed appointment much.

Today they played a blinder, to the point where I think they do it just to wind me up so I will remove Dinky from their idiocity.

She has not been there a term yet and so far the failures have been numerous and some downright shocking!

They range from not providing basics to breaking education and disability laws. Now even the things that are minor or sound petty wind me up something chronic because this school could not organise a knees up in a brewery!

So going from the beginning…

– failing to offer a transition
– no coat peg
– second hand book bag given
– no class picture
– not being given a proper idea of how she is getting on at school
– given ultimatum… I go on the first trip or Dinky doesn’t
– made to go to nurture instead of the trip
– refusal to allow meeting with the senco until week 4
– not bothering to phone integrated services themselves to sort CAF
– refusing to acknowledge dinky’s difficulties (except the BOTW teacher)
– refusing to acknowledge dinky was struggling because she is ‘bright’
– trying to pin difficulties on attachment disorder
– not acquainting themselves with her previous school record
– excluding her illegally for an afternoon
– at first she definitely wasn’t allowed on the latest trip, then it was ‘we will think on it’
– the head of early years not only doesn’t understand dinky but also restrained her unnecessarily

They have (amazingly) managed to get a few things right, well all least the senco has started working to help Dinky. She has put in the Now and Next, she has done the social story, that came from the IEP she wrote. Although that has all come in the last two weeks. I think she got the idea when I asked her to make sure the ASD assessment paperwork was sent off and gave her the speech and language report.

Today was another one of those bang your head on a brick wall types.
Yesterday I noticed that dinky’s coat peg had disappeared. I didn’t think much of it and asked the TA who said she has no idea what happened. Then I look again today and Dinky tells me that her peg is gone but the new lad has a new peg. Basically they have taken hers off moved them all down and put in the new boy’s peg picture and not put hers back on as there is no space! So she has nowhere to put her coat and we have no idea where her brand new PE kit is… To top it off it is sports day tomorrow!
I was going to say something but hadn’t managed to as this morning I gave the TA dinky’s trip money and was approached by the head of early years to ask if I was going on the trip and then to be told that the head STILL hasn’t made her decision yet and that if she decides no, then of course, I will get my money back!

I don’t want my money back…I want my daughter to go on the school trip like every other child! I just want my daughter to be happy but it seems they are intent on making her feel like she doesn’t matter.
She asked me while writing this (when coming down for a drink)
“Can we move again mummy?”
It broke my heart.
What gives an education establishment the right to treat her like this? To quote another parent, what they are doing is cruel and awful. And another wrote…

Uncaring, thoughtless and simply nasty behaviour by the school. 😦

Which says it all really.

I got her home, gave her dinner and we went swimming.
They decided to put Dinky in the big pool for the first time. I could not have been more proud of Dinky!!!
She panicked at first and soon realised messing about lead to sinking and her head going under. She kept wanting to get into the small pool where she can stand up. Then she was given a floatation belt that does up with a clip. She was saying “claw, kick” like Sid and Diego from Ice age, and she was off! She was fast and she was co ordinating moving her legs and her arms together which she hadn’t managed before. She was happy and she was not listening to a word the teacher said as she was now independently swimming in the big pool. She paid no attention to where she was going and almost sunk the poor kid who was using a tube float instead of the belt! But she was happy and this was the best independent swimming she has done yet!
I was laughing with joy at the look on her ace as she swam!
Then it was time to go back to the small pool… Dinky was not having any of it at first.
Once I told her that there was a chance of doing ring a Rosie in the small pool. She was then happy to go as long as she could do it again next week!
She wasn’t listening at all to the teacher in the small pool, but I think the teacher was happy enough with her progress!
Getting out was awful.
She wouldn’t come, I had to lift her kicking and screaming. I was getting soaked!
The teacher tried to help me in the shower but she was having none of it. In the changing room she didn’t want to be dried, she didn’t want to be touched with the towel. I hugged her tight.
It took about 15 minutes to calm her down before I could dry what was left to dry and get her dressed.
On the way out her teacher stopped me. She said that they love Dinky. I said I know she is awesome right? She said she doesn’t know how I still say that and smile after how difficult she can be sometimes. She said even though it is hard to get her to focus or listen, that, dinky picks up a lot by herself and she is proud of the progress dinky has made. (As is her mum!!!)
She also said that Dinky is very adorable and funny. Which I can not agree more!

She was pretty good on the way home.

So sports day tomorrow…. And I’m off to the local autism support group meeting…


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