Sports day

This is one of those things that parents of your average child love… Sports day… A day to watch your child throw off the shackles of the classroom and compete in race, jumping, throwing Ect.
To be honest I got such little warning that I didn’t know what to expect. All I knew was ha Dinky would be doing sports day in the morning and would be done and dusted before lunch. I was just glad that Dinky would have me there cheering her on.

This morning she didn’t want to go as she said she was rubbish at everything. I managed to get her in her uniform and out of the door. We got to school and the little boy who goes to nurture came over. He said it was sports day but his mum said he wasn’t fast enough and would be rubbish.
My heart went out to him. I told him I would cheer him on and I’m sure both him and Dinky could make me, the teachers and most importantly- themselves proud!
Dinky didn’t want me to go, but I told her that I was going to wait at the gates while they had register and got dressed. So I left. A group of mums called me over. They asked if she had ADHD… Yes nice to meet them too. So we had a conversation about ADHD in their families and then onto ASD and finally PDA. I was pleased they asked me and stopped talking about dinky behind my back. I talked with them until it was time to go in.
Now I can’t give much of a description other than we walked onto the field, it looked like there were several groups, no one told us where to go or what to do. It was chaos. So I wasn’t surprised to find Dinky jumping up and down and running in circles. I wasn’t surprised to find after she had jumped all over me that she was rough playing and going over the top at the table. Once all the adults had made it to their kids classes it became apparent what they were going for.
There were supposed to be activity stations run by groups of year 6 children, each class was at a station, however they had put 2 drinks stations in and Dinky’s class were at the drinks station first. So more messing around. Myself and another mum were laughing at a child who threw the ball up high and dinky thought it was at her so growled and head butt me, but I managed to get her back into the line.
Once our activity started the kids went in two lines, dinky was in the green group. They threw balls to see who could get it the furthest. There was a bit of messing about from dinky and the lad she was with (who I hate to say probably has a mother and father like my mother, so I wanted to give him some encouragement too, which dinky was ok with).
In time the whistle blew and chaos ensued. The teachers didn’t know what to do, they were trying to get the kids in a line while looking for what they were supposed to be doing. We moved to the next activity. Ball dribbling. Green one side, orange the other, dribble relay. Again waiting seemed to be too much for both kids. We had Simba and the fiddle toy to distract but it wasn’t doing much as Dinky was hugely distracted by the events going on around her.
When he whistle blew she had her hands over her ears. It was becoming too much. I needed the toilet and Dinky had reached the next drink station. She sat with the lad and I let the TA know I was going to the loo. When I came out dinky was running toward me and the head was coming toward me from a different angle.
Dinky had a plastic bag in her hand. I tried to get it off her and had to swap it for the fiddle toy. Then she went on the climbing frame. The head said she was trying to get our attention. I said she wasn’t, it was just starting to get too much with the noise and the waiting.
She was missing the jumping activity. We went over and then dinky joined in but when it was time to go to the back of the line she wouldn’t. Out came the animal noises and the 1/2 word sentences and the head butting. Not good. Her teacher came over and asked me what I wanted to do.
What did I want to do?
I wanted Dinky to be happy, at the time she was happy with me. So she stayed with me. I had to put my hands over her ears at points, but on the whole she had just had enough. The only problem was we were only about half way through.
She didn’t manage the skipping, she just watched with me. Although she wanted to try to football and kicked the ball straight in the goal for 3 points… (That’s my girl! 🙂 )
Then it was time for the races. They had relay running which again, wasn’t organised properly. They had half the class on one side and the other on the other. They were a foot away from the next class and all 3 year groups were doing it at the same time. Dinky’s class was second in from the parents who were cheering. Dinky ran and then came straight to me. She wanted a drink but I couldn’t see hers, then she wanted to run in the opposite direction from the group so I held onto her. She was not happy. The fastest boy and girl from each class were going to run. Dinky’s teacher had earlier said that dinky was probably the fastest girl in the class, so dinky assumed it would be her. However because she was behind the parents she didn’t get picked. She wanted to race so she ran to the start line and I had to remove her. Again she wasn’t happy and tried to get her away. In the end after one teacher was supposed to get another and someone else had gone to get the head, another teacher came and calmed Dinky with me. We then went off to get her some fruit. Once she had finished and was calm she rejoined her class and said goodbye.

I must admit, it was utter chaos and it is not something I would like to repeat!
Hopefully by next year there will be someone in the school who knows how to calm her and they will have somewhere she can retreat to if needed. Although they really need to work on organisation.

At the end I spoke to the head. As it stands dinky can go on the trip, IF she can find an adult to be dinky’s 1:1, which she says is proving difficult as the teacher she sent to calm dinky is unavailable for the trip.

Just to add to the ridiculous things the school have said previously, I went to pick her up after school to be told
“It must just be you, because she was fine this afternoon”
This in itself is not something they have thought about before they said it. What made it worse was that it was said in front of all of the parents that were there to pick up their kids. They might as well have said “she only plays up when you are there because you are a crap parent”. Then it would have been a verbal war- where I pull out the fact that they can’t even get her to do the end of year early years assessments, and haven’t actually managed to each her anything new… Whereas I was the one who taught her to read!
Apparently they went back out to watch the older kids. Yes, I’m sure they would have handled her fine if I wasn’t there! More likely she would be either running around the school or have gotten out of the gate, or been withdrawn from the day after messing about in the first line.

This TAC meeting is going to be interesting!


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