School report and swimming report

First of all, I want to say I laughed at the mere prospect of Dinky’s school report. The academics would be ok, her social would be poor and her behaviour worse. That will be my PDA girly. So there isn’t much I can really say about it.

I got the swim report for the Paediatrician appointment on Monday first…

I have been asked by Dinky’s mother to give some feed back on her after school activity, and how she is progressing.

The team of instructors all find Dinky a very pleasant little girl to work with. However, it is hard to get proper eye contact with Dinky. She is a very lively girl, who in spite of being asked to stay still and wait will be off, climbing out the pool and be gone. This in itself is a Health and Safety issue to the team.

For this reason, dinky has to be taken as a 1 to 1 with the teacher. She is a very capable little girl in the water however her attention span is very small, so there is a lot of repetition to get some work done as she is easily distracted. The teacher’s find she flits from one thing to another, is unable to stick to the given task that perhaps seem tedious to dinky but are necessary (i.e. practising kicking with straight legs).

The teacher has to be very persistent in getting dinky to listen and to carry out the instructions. She likes to talk a lot and is constantly fidgeting and always wants to be on the move. She is much more focused on what she wants to do.

The pool environment is noisy while dinky’s lesson is going on, and she is very easily distracted, she finds it hard to concentrate and is constantly changing the activity.

Dinky needs 1 to 1 as the teachers feel, she will disrupt the class, as she is not able to wait her turn, will act without thinking about the other children, and she will interrupt the teacher while the teacher is giving instruction to the other children. She appears to have no sense to danger, and will just climb out the pool, and run away.

Yup, sounds like a normal swim lesson! Although she doesn’t mention how difficult it is when it ends.

The school report…
Well, they have a number system, 1 = below… 2= expected… 3= exceeded

Dinky got a 3 in her reading! 🙂 go dinky!

The rest were 2’s which meant she managed to do some of the assessments! Go dinky!!!

Personal, social and emotional development :-
could not be more PDA if they tried!
Making relationships- 1
Self confidence- 2
Managing feelings and behaviour- 1

Listening and attention- 1
Understanding -2

Dinky has a strong personality and appears to be very confident. She has a clear sense of what she wants and her own needs, but lacks understanding of the needs of others. She enjoys the company of other children and prefers to interact with other dominant children. She is bright, eager and enthusiastic but does not like to be challenged, often ignoring requests by adults. Dinky enjoys attention from adults and expresses herself very well. dinky understands the difference between right and wrong and can explain clearly why we need rules. Unfortunately she struggles to conform to these rules herself.

The general comments…
Dinky is an exuberant child with lots of energy. Unfortunately she struggles to to conform to the rules at school and will only comply with requests to sit quietly on the carpet on her own terms. Dinky also has a warm, calm and caring side, looking after children if they are hurt, and genuinely being apologetic when she realises she has done wrong. She is intelligent, interested in the world and has a very good general knowledge. She has the potential to do extremely well at school.

The senco even did some more work! I am going to stop ripping her because since half term and me going to the head she has actually been good. She has done as she has said she would. So she has redeemed herself.
She has written a report for the paediatrician too! It’s not exactly spot on, but she deserves a B for effort!

Dinky is currently in reception class where she is working above the levels expected for her age. She is usually able to engage well with activities, however can at times be distracted during carpet time. Dinky has shown that she enjoys reading and generally enjoys challenging activities.
Dinky enjoys playing with her peers; however she does tend to dominate others and the activities that they play. She has shown empathy comforting her special friends and on occasions she has shown she can share special toys with her friends. Dinky enjoys spending learning time in the role play area and is able to take turns in a game.
Since joining the school, her difficulties are generally about control and she does sometimes refuse to comply with adult demands. Strategies to manage this are usually effective, using distraction, and being persuaded. On occasions when confronted in a dogmatic way, she can react aggressively, throwing things, destroying resources and spitting. Dinky finds parting with mum in the mornings difficult, strategies have been developed which are generally effective. She currently requires high levels of support and attention in order to engage appropriately at school.

All in all it has to help right?

I’m almost there with collating my own evidence and will keep copies of all documents in case they are needed for future reference.., like a statement of educational needs.

I have to make an edit here

I have taken a highlighter to the senco’s report.
Dinky is only above expectation in reading, so it gives a false impression of her ability her handwriting for example is a big problem
I think she should add what distracts her during carpet time
The dominating peers and their play needs to be put into some context
She has shown empathy, again is this full empathy or false. To me it always seems false when dinky is comforting others, it’s robotic and scripted
She uses friends twice in one sentence yet as far as I know dinky struggles in this area. Special friends and special toys with friends. Again no context, and can give the wrong impression.
Is able to take turns in a game- on her terms if she is in control of the game itself.
What does she do when she refuses the adult. Does she run off and hide, like under tables or show anxiety, or does she come across as aloof and not bothered?
This whole mornings thing is blown out of proportion. She didn’t know anyone so the first few weeks she found it hard. Then she was ok. We had once the other week but there was a substitute teacher.
What support and by whom?

I’m actually a lot less impressed since it was pointed out you could get ODD from statements as it doesn’t mention anxiety at all… I re read it a few times and read it to my dad. (Who thankfully is giving me a much needed lay in tomorrow!) he agrees. If they won’t re write it it doesn’t matter p, they filled in the autism spectrum questionnaire.

Oh dear…. This is such an awkward process, awkward and stressful and not at all straight forward


3 thoughts on “School report and swimming report

  1. My considered opinion is that the
    senco is still a muppet!! 😦
    She is not only minimizing learning,
    social and emotional needs, she is falsely representing them as strengths.
    She either has a skewed view of Dinky
    or a calculated agenda or both!! 😦

    • Thanks for replying Colleen.

      I am working on her! Lol

      She is now doing some work, which is a first!

      Now I need to get her to work right, which is why I have highlighted the points that need rectifying. If they don’t. I don’t give the letter over, but have a copy for the TAC on Thursday to show how different it is from the school report.

      Still muppets, but a work in progress lol

      • And I can only hope that you don’t have to work too hard or for too long before you make that progress. Goodluck!! xx

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