Today I’m thankful for progress!

20130710-084016 PM.jpg

So today was the big day. The trip that the school did not want her to attend….

She had a blast! She loved it! She paddled in the sea and made sand castles!

She also had trouble lining up for the toilet, spat at and kicked the head of pastoral who went as her 1:1. He did say that although she didn’t always listen straight away, she was pretty good.

Always take stock of the small stuff. MY personal reaction was
“Great, so she didn’t run off!”
This was the main concern, the physical meltdowns were a secondary to it, and she only kicked off once!
For Dinky, she handled herself pretty well! I’m not after perfection and I don’t think the school expected it either. It was as well as could be expected for Dinky and that will do very nicely!

Dinky being dinky, asked if we could go to the park when we got back… I told her it was Wednesday and asked if she still wanted to go swimming. She looked at me like I was from another planet and said “yes” in a tone a 15 year old stroppy teenager would use when saying “duh”.
So we got home, I made pasta, and we went swimming.
She went in the big pool again and kicked with her hands and feet! May not sound like a big deal but it really is for dinky! I was beaming with pride.
Then she did something she hasn’t been able to do since she started… She put her face under the water for more than a split second! I must have looked like a nut case to all the other parents, but I didn’t care… I clapped and put my thumbs up when she was shouting that she had done it!
Then she spent the rest of the 20 minutes only putting her face under. Again and again and again. She didn’t do any more swimming. She was happy, and proud of herself and I was proud of her too!!! I try not to think about what a minor thing that would be for the average child. It seems so inconsequential. To Dinky… She had been trying to do it for ages, she had been practicing in the bath, she had been trying to get the hoops. She would panic as soon as her face hit the water and come up. By the end of the session she was actually blowing out under water!!!

I’m a proud mummy!

Tomorrow is our TAC meeting. Should be interesting!


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