Lost for words!

Me? No not really, but I was at the time!

End of the week teacher actually did something constructive!

Dinky has been going on about not wanting to be in a particular phonics group since just before half term. She has made her stance very clear by often refusing to even join the group let alone join and avoid the actual work! I have also approached them and asked if it was possible to change her group, especially seeing as she is ahead anyway in her phonics, she won’t suddenly go behind.
It was met with a resounding no. Dinky was using her more extreme demand avoidance strategies, but yet they would not yield.
That was until today!
Yup, end of the week teacher has moved her group, is employing now and next at phonics time as well as morning, lunch and home time. Today… Dinky did her phonics as she was in the group she wanted to be in. They had a much calmer day.
Also it must be said that last night was the fist night on melatonin. She fell asleep at 7.45pm… So that may have made her a little more compliant.

Today I have been doing more research into private diagnosis which doesn’t include a long and expensive train ride to an even more expensive assessment. Of course, if I had the money, it would be Dinky’s in a heartbeat. We would have either had the assessment or it would have at the very least been booked by now!
This postcode lottery is bonkers! In some places the first they hear about PDA is from the diagnosis, or the paediatrician suggesting it. Others, we know what it is, the trouble is those with a rather large ego and therefore are not up to date with the relevant changes in their field.
I also happen to have a knack for finding the most patronising, unprofessional, and self contradictory ‘professionals’!

It seems everyone agrees dinky fits the criteria for PDA but no one wants to say it too loud. Except from me. I say it and hand out printouts from NAS and Norsca!

I have found a private hospital with a very good reputation, except it looks like she just googled PDA and said that she doesn’t diagnose it, but it is becoming increasingly acknowledged as being part of the autism spectrum and she does the ADOS 2 to assess for autism spectrum.
Basically no, she has no idea and therefore it would be a waste of money to do an assessment which is bias toward kanners and aspergers forms of ASD, and not Newson’s PDA.
The other problem is that because they are trying to squeeze ASD into just that, it seems unlikely that the DISCO will be used everywhere and PDA will lose all ground and those with the condition will face the ‘not ASD’ that many face, and like I found in the paediatrician appointment.

That’s it for today…
Dinky has her special needs trip to the cinema tomorrow! Hopefully it will be better than the end if our last two visits!


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