You know you are a special needs parent when….

I saw this…

20130713-045549 PM.jpg

And is is very true for Dinky and it got me thinking…. There are so many things that you can put on the end of… You know you are a special needs parent when…

Like, you know you are a special needs parent when….

*you speak in acronyms to other parents and they looks at you like you come from another planet… (Example… The SENCO has done Dinky an IEP in time for the IS lady who did the CAF as it is needed for the TAC, she has one because she is at SA+ on the SEN register, due to her probable PDA which is an ASD/ASC and can be found on NAS. She may also have ADHD, but I’ve made sure they rule out ODD. Hang on, let me rephrase that because your child is NT!)

* your Calendar has a column just for your child’s appointments and school meetings

* the word ‘school’ makes you cringe

* when other parents get their children’s school reports you keep your fingers crossed that the number of phone calls home is not recorded. Nor are the times which your child has said something embarrassing or done something that ALL the other parents know about.

* you know all the senior members of staff at school

* when you have a different ringtone for the school on your mobile

* the sencop and disability act are start to become or are ingrained in memory

* you have tiny little Velcro backed pictures EVERYWHERE!

* when out, you have your hands free in order to become ear defenders at unexpected loud noises

* all of your child’s groups have a 1:1 waiting

* when you wake up by yourself you panic

*you have a go to ‘sorry face’ when your child notices something like odour or someone’s weight

*you are ready to jump in at the park at any given minute

* you think carefully about what you say because one sentence said in the wrong way can take an age to explain and both parties get extremely frustrated (I will no longer use the phrase ‘driving me up the wall!)

* you have read so much about your child’s special needs or suspected special needs you know almost as much if not more than some professionals.

* the idea of losing that ‘special toy’ fills you with complete dread

* you have a pop up tent and sensory toys dotted round the house.

* you start to wonder what a ‘night out’ is

* you laugh at the very suggestion of magic 1,2,3

* you read reports on your child and the most used phrases are ‘challenging’ and ‘on their own terms’

* you get more excited when they get a party invite than your child does, and then dread the party because you know it will probably lead to meltdown.

* you have learnt to tune out the tv as your child watches the same episodes or films over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and….

* you have become accustomed to the stare of the ignorant when your child is overloaded and in meltdown

* you lose most of your friends with typically developing/ NT children, and over time they are replaced with a host of other awesome special needs parents.

* you also cringe at those phrases you have used in the past when you couldn’t see how people cope, which are now directed your way.

* you own a radar key!

* your ‘liked pages’ on Facebook contain one celebrity, one or two tv shows and the rest are special needs pages which have awesome sayings or pictures. Also your groups list is mainly related to your child’s SN.

*also your newsfeed on Facebook is full of special needs pictures and statuses some sad and some uplifting and some funny

* you need IV caffeine

* sometimes you feel you are crowd control even for just the one child!

* you start to wonder what other social stories you can do

* you are thankful to the cab company that tries to send out the same driver for after swimming as this driver makes your child feel extra special and indulges the silly game that she made just for that trip.

* you carry a folder with all the relevant paperwork- just in case.

* you get a copy of the local summer activities for kids and you toss it to one side and get out your copy of the local short breaks activities.

* despite all the challenging behaviour, exhaustion, and meetings, you love your child more than life itself!

I’m sure I’m missing loads, but this is pre diagnosis!

I dread to think of the list once she has a diagnosis!


8 thoughts on “You know you are a special needs parent when….

  1. Can we add (for PDA parents):

    You lose count of the number of times people, including your family, say the dreaded phrase “She’s not like that with me” and “I would be able to sort that out, bring her to me for a day and I’ll get her right”!!!!

  2. This is the truest and funniest blog post EVER!!!! I can relate to pretty much EVERYTHING on that list!! Thank you so much for posting! It certainly made me smile! xx

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