So proud!!!

Things are going pretty well, dinky is now going to sleep quicker under the melatonin and had to be lifted to bed the other day! Which is a first for a long long time!
The TA has mentioned that dinky had been quite good this week, a few minor issues, but she hasn’t escalated as quickly lately. Which is great! Dinky enjoyed bouncy day at school yesterday and got an ice cream after as it was so hot!
This morning I went to get dinky a school t-shirt to wear but all of 5 of them are stained beyond recognition! So I thought I would get her a new one this morning.
We left early and got to the school, I bought her a new t-shirt and asked her to swap. She wouldn’t. She wanted her stained t-shirt. We went through the hitting and the squealing as she couldn’t say why she didn’t want the new one on. In the end I managed to get her in it. Then I picked her up and tickled her into laughter! When we got round to the early years she was happy again!
She wasn’t interested in dot to dot, which was today’s activity, so did some and went to play on the computer. Her teacher are up to me and said that dinky has only once this week refused phonics and had had a pretty good week for her. She was making the right choices and trying very hard, if she managed to get through the day ok, she was going to award her the head teachers cup which she had her eye on since she started in April. The thing is dinky likes winning things and at first got really upset that she wasn’t winning it, then it lost its appeal (as most things do to PDA kids), and she wasn’t bothered about trying to win it. She actually a noticed that in front of beginning of the week teacher!
So I left this morning hoping she would have a good enough day to earn herself the head teachers cup.
I went to have a cuppa with another mum who I have chatted to more since the sports day and after she went on the trip with the class, and another who I have seen around. I won’t say more than, they were discussing another mum doesn’t like the fact that dinky ‘gets away with more’ than her child. And has started talking about Emergancy paed appointments and specialists going out to her next week since I mentioned dinky’s paed appointment.

I’m staying well clear of it and told them so…

So I left and went home, did some bits and then went off to collect dinky’s new bike from the Csa her father finally paid!
I got to school and dinky was standing by the window shouting for me holding the head teachers cup!
My heart jumped! I was so proud of her! She must have done phonics and PE today! To most people that is nothing. To me it is something she has achieved, and it couldn’t have been easy for her as I know how difficult she finds sitting and doing her phonics work!
When I got in the teacher said she has had a very good day and really did herself proud.

It was very good timing on picking up the new bike!

So she rode her bike home after a small disagreement about her ability to ride a bike and carry the cup all the way home. I asked her to show me how she was going to break. When she worked out she wouldn’t be able to ride her bike she got agitated and then handed me the cup and I was under strict instructions not to drop or break it!
She did really well riding home and luckily couldn’t get too much speed up so I was able to keep her safe. I old her she wouldn’t be able to ride to and from school all the time. I know she heard, but she didn’t reply.
When we got in she asked for a film, which I put on and I got her a special ice cream for getting the head teachers cup!

It is a shame it took until the last week of term for them to actually take on board that things just are not as easy for her, and for them to recognise that maybe she is trying really hard to behave the way most children do everyday.

I am very very proud of Dinky’s achievements lately. Her swimming is coming on… Although we did have nearly a whole lesson of just putting her face under the water again. And she is trying very hard in other areas!

My child never ceases to amaze me, not since the day she was born, and will probably continue to so ever day from now on….


7 thoughts on “So proud!!!

  1. Awww well done Dinky!! How fab is that! It made the world of difference to my Xavier once he started taking Melatonin and actually getting the proper amount of sleep a child should have. That stuff is magical!! I don’t tend to give it to him on weekends or in the holidays unless we need to be up and about early the following day.

    Our kids are amazing! 🙂

    • Thanks for replying!
      You are certainly right, melatonin is magical stuff!
      I think it is a combination of the sleep, the staff trying better approaches with her, and her own efforts.
      I could not be more proud of her! 🙂

  2. Hurray Dinky! What a clever girl! I know how proud I was with my Dillon when he returned to a new mainstream school after near a year of just attending ‘alternative provision’ when his previous school decided they didn’t want him any more, and at the end if the first week got a ‘Head Teacher’s certificate’ . A small thing for some kids but a giant leap for Dillon who had managed a whole week at school with no issues!!! What a difference an understanding school can make !

    • Aww bless him! Sounds like he did very well with the new school! I hope things are still good!

      Dinky’s school are a bit slow, but they seem to be getting there, it has taken some battling and I’ve hurt a few ego’s but Dinky is starting to be understood. Which is great.

      We have a little way to go… But yes understanding can lead to a massive difference!

    • YOu are so right with your last sentence! I moved my son to a new mainstream school in January and it has made the world of difference!

  3. So pleased that Dinky won her cup, it’s so nice to see them brimming with renewed self esteem isn’t it. Enjoy the holidays, I hope that they go ok for you and aren’t too stressful. 😀

    • It was lovely seeing the pride on her own face..
      The holidays will go the way they go.. I am almost ready for them!

      By the end of the 6 weeks I will probably be ordering a large drink at the local!

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