Last day of early years tomorrow

If I’m honest I couldn’t be happier for her to be out of that early years department. They seem a law unto themselves. Also dinky will have much more consistency having just the one teacher week to week.
I have her writing book. Which is mostly legible (ish), which in reality what I expected. Her handwriting at home is better, but then she writes at home when she wants to not when she is made to. I’m pretty sure most of it is written poorly on purpose.
Hopefully things will move forward and once the teacher gets an understanding she can put things into place. We have another TAC arranged for the 19th September, so we can catch up and the teacher can be involved in the discussions. I also spoke to PALS (patient advice and liaison service) today regarding Dinky and the lack of knowledge regarding PDA in our local CDC. It might help it might not, but either way I need someone to get to grips with what is going on with dinky so that we can make sure she is eligible for the support she needs.

I have heard back from my friend and we are off to hers for a few days, Dinky will love it as my friend has a puppy. I doubt she will be able to get much of anything out of dinky with the pup around. Dinky loves dogs. She asks the owners of every dog she sees if she can stroke it. Unfortunately she is normally stoking it before the owner says yes or no!

I have thought about getting a puppy for dinky. I have heard that having a dog has a very calming effect on those with ASD’s. Normally we don’t travel, so that wouldn’t be a problem, we have a massive field near our house and a green out the front for it to do its business, and our house isn’t exactly small. I just am put off by the fact that Dinky will expect for the dog to go absolutely everywhere with her, which it wouldn’t be able to. She would go spare if we had to leave it outside at the shops and she would not want to leave it to go to school. I have thought about a cat, but they are nowhere near as docile as some dog breeds. Especially as they get older.

Dinky has been sleeping much better with the melatonin, however her behaviour hasn’t changed much at home.
It gets very repetitive explaining that every morning dinky finds an excuse not to get ready for school, or avoids it somehow. More often than not at the moment she just ignores me and goes under the washing.
We have been at the park pretty much everyday, which is great for dinky as she can run about and do her thing, they also have a trampoline built into the ground so she loves bouncing on that.

We have swimming tomorrow after school, and then it’s the summer holidays!


2 thoughts on “Last day of early years tomorrow

  1. Dinky’s mum, have you looked into dogs for Autistic kids? It’s a lengthy ish process but they are classed as support dogs and therefore are allowed everywhere, like a guide dog. Plus they are specifically trained to not allow a child to bolt by wearing a harness if you wish to use it. We’ve applied for one and apparently the wait to get an assessment as to your requirements/situation etc and then a place on the one week in house training course is a year or more at least and then they have to place the right dog but its really comprehensive and supportive. Dogs for the Disabled are who we’ve gone through, if you google them and then look for the Dogs for Autism page it’s got all the info and the register your interest link. Just thought you might like to look into it if you really did want a dog, especially with Dinky’s tendency to bolt!!! X

    • I have phoned regarding the autism dog, they got back to me today apparently they don’t cover our area. Plus we haven’t got an asd diagnosis for dinky at the moment, so we would have to wait for that anyway.

      Thanks for letting me know though. If I hadn’t been told about it, it would have been great info to know!
      I hope you manage to get one!

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