A day of phone calls!

So today I have spent a good portion on the phone.

First was someone getting back to me about an assistance dog. I had spoken to a friend last night who said that she had seen one in London for an autistic child and perhaps dinky would benefit. She knew I wanted a dog for Dinky so I left a message. They were the first to phone today.
The gentleman on the phone was lovely. However unfortunately they don’t cover our area.

Next up, a long phone argument with currys over my 2 month old laptop they say they can’t repair.


I get a call from the co-ordinator of paediatric services for the trust where our CDC is based. She covers 3 paediatric centres. She was open and honest and said she was new to the role. She spent 6 years at another base. In that time she had only come across one PDA presentation in the department.
It is unique.
To be fair that sums dinky up. If she is going to do different, she will make sure it is still not the usual different.
She was shocked that one of the paediatricians didn’t know what PDA was. She said that he will be retrained. When I said that he ruled out autism spectrum after a 30 second conversation with her where she ignored him for the first part, she said that they wouldn’t have an autism assessment by a multidisciplinary team if it was that easy to rule out. Also the female presentation of autism and aspergers and to an extent PDA is different and needs to be identified.
Seriously I was smiling and trying not to cry.
She will make sure that no other family gets turned away because a paediatrician is not up to date with the autism spectrum disorders!
She will find someone within our CDC who knows about PDA and can recognise it in children. If necessary she will call advice in.
She said that she would like to see Dinky, but she is probably based too far away. I said “if you know PDA I can travel!”

She discussed provision for dinky at school. When I told her she said she would put on the end of the letter that she would recommend that I ask the school for an Educational psychologist assessment so that dinky’s needs in school are noted and she gets the required support.

I quite like this lady!

She is going to see what is available appointment wise at the CDC in order to get dinky seen relatively quickly, but they might be pretty booked up.

If it is within 3 months I will be happy!

She asked me if there was anything else she can do. She said she is happy for me to call her if needed regarding Dinky’s assessment phase.

Other than that, just some boring bits calls.

I got dinky from her last day of school. Nothing spectacular.

We went into town to look at some guinea pigs and then went swimming.

I’m shattered.

For anyone who would like to know more about PDA I recommend the one stop shop with loads of great info


6 thoughts on “A day of phone calls!

  1. That’s where I found your blog! Sounds like your coordinator lady has her head screwed on! Even if the CDC is booked up, once you get a number make yourself known and a bit of a nuisance by phoning a lot to see there are cancellations! It always works well for me from CAMHS to education inclusion !! Oh, and if Currys can’t repair your laptop then they should replace it surely! Good luck!

    • Thanks Tracey,
      I’m glad you found this blog through the PDA resource. The guy behind the website is an absolute legend!
      I plan on doing their heads in a lot! It has taken a year to get to this point regarding Dinky.

      Currys are a pain in the backside. Today is day 7 they have had it, they tried saying they would give me a code in 3 working days for a new one. I argued my point and have given them until mid day today to phone with the code or I take dinky with me and tell her we can’t get her guinea pigs until I get a new laptop from the manager, and that I’m sure customers at the till would love to know about how currys treat their customers in after sales!
      He said he would see what he could do! 🙂

  2. Fabulous News !!! your post has brightened my day DM I am so thrilled that you have had such a positive move forward, brilliant !!! 🙂

    • Thanks Jane

      I know, I’m still smiling about it. Not only does it help dinky which is awesome. But I can’t help that little extra smile as others will benefit from this quack doing some extra training!
      I just hope this means we will get somewhere!

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