Days 1&2 of the summer holidays

Yesterday wasn’t too bad. Firstly she has woken up at 5am both days. The little moments were mostly my fault yesterday, I took Dinky to currys to try and get a new laptop.
She started getting uppity so I left it. (Not that I had much choice mind!)
I then took her to get 2 guinea pigs…

20130726-100527 PM.jpg

Cute little things, but she was a pickle at the pet shop. She wanted to see the fish. I’m starting to think I’m a bit late on picking up on the fact that her liking for animals is getting a little bit obsessional. Should have twigged at the sigh of the teacher every morning when dinky pulls the animal box out and tips it on the floor. Anyway, she started to get a bit anxious and began rearranging the shelves, putting things back where they belong. Which was fine, until she thought one of the mixes didn’t have enough nuts so put a massive scoop of nuts in.
When we were waiting outside for the taxi, Dinky hid in one of the dog kennels. Well, at least she was safe from the cars.
We got home and dinky was excited. She helped me to put the wood chip in and she put the hay and nuggets in, even filled the water bottle! She wanted to hold them. She was very gentle.
She did kick off over not being able to hold them again. Kicking and punching, but I managed to get her to calm eventually.

Today was, well, one of thooooose days.
We had to wait in for a sky engineer and she just didn’t know what to do with herself. She didn’t want me to play with her. She wanted to crash round the living room but was scaring the new little guinea pigs.
She read the book on guinea pigs and was telling me all the facts about them, what they can at and what they can’t. She was just popping in and back out again all day. As usual the engineer came out in the last hour they were supposed to come. We then went to the shop as Dinky HAD to get the guinea’s some carrots and broccoli as ours is frozen and they needed fresh vegetables. She was a bit of a pickle getting ready and going but she enjoyed being the authority in vegetables, I asked her if there was anything she thought we needed at home. She did really well actually.
Well until the way home. Managed to swing her round by distracting her with a Tottenham fan! (For those not in the know we are arsenal football club fans. Tottenham are our biggest rivals and Dinky has been brought up to know the difference!)
At home she was a bit of a whirl wind then got stuck into watching Netflix on her tablet device while playing with her Bat cave and batman figures.
She was a pickle getting ready for bed but went up ok. I have no idea what she was playing with but she was crashing about for a bit. Hopefully come next week when we get into motion with the activities ect then she may calm. Also the not going to school on weekdays on the calendar is odd for her. Change. Transition. Something dinky doesn’t really cope with well.

Tomorrow it is supposed to rain. I may have to take her to soft play to run off a bit of excess energy.

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