Settling into the holidays

There is a popular saying amongst the autism spectrum world

20130728-123449 PM.jpg

This includes PDA. While many children with PDA do not like routine, Dinky thrives off of it, well, as long as it doesn’t involve writing or ‘work’!
She is much calmer when she knows what is going to happen next. The problem is, despite her obvious dislike of school, it was a routine she was used to. 5 days at school and 2 days at home. It takes time for her to change her routine to just home. I purposely haven’t booked activities since the end of school, because dinky needs adjusting time. This is why she has been a whirlwind of low level annoyance since she broke up.

Saturday saw Dinky use wet tissue to throw at the tiles in the bathroom, practice putting her face on the water in the sink, using her bath crayons to draw on the tiles, stuff Cheerios for later down the side of the sofa, play loudly next to the poor guinea pigs, keep putting food in their bowl, shoving their toys at them, hang upside down from the sofa, throw toys from the top of the stairs, use tipex as glue for her holiday homework diary, run up and down the stairs and draw a map on my dining table.

I’m sure I’m missing stuff out. Not all of it was necessarily bad, just low level nuisance. It’s the stuff she shouldn’t be doing that she knows she should do, but does it any way that irritates me. Just because I know hat it isn’t really her fault, it doesn’t mean I am able to shut out how irritating it is!

Although saying that yesterday and today have been much better. She has been calmer and not so much of a whirlwind. I think she is settling now. It doesn’t take long, and I guess I am lucky it doesn’t.
She is looking forward to a number of things that we have planned over the next 5 and a half weeks. We have been to soft play today, and we are off to chessington world of adventures tomorrow with my dad.
It has taken all day today to get my laptop exchanged! But now that it has I can get into visual aid pictures for the holidays for dinky!

She hasn’t been as violent lately which is a bonus. We still have spitting, but no hitting! I’m sure that wont last very long but it is nice. Dinky has also rearranged the wall stickers in her room.

20130729-115039 PM.jpg

It is amazing how much the autism traits come out when she isn’t fighting everything all the time. She has had pretty much nothing to fight against since she broke up. We haven’t had to be anywhere at a predetermined time so she has been getting ready at her own pace. Also picking her own clothes is something she enjoys. Unless she feels she has to, then I pick the clothes, she tells me she doesn’t like them and picks her own anyway.
Control is key.
I’m finding I am getting better at finding ways of making her think things are her idea. Or making them very appealing. If I told dinky her melatonin was for sleep, she would never in a million years touch the stuff. She is not sick so won’t take it if I say it will make her better. The third option is parent lie. I tell her they are vitamins that make her big and strong. She wants to be big, so takes it happily everyday (as long as she gets a biscuit or yoghurt too).

So things have been smooth (ish) so far.

Long may it continue. Although I think it maybe too much to hope for with tomorrow’s trip! Fingers crossed!

2 thoughts on “Settling into the holidays

  1. Hope you enjoy your trip today and don’t get too wet!! Dillon and I are off there tomorrow! We don’t really notice his autistic traits until he is in a more calm setting, like today at OT he had to line the pegs up in colour order before he started and wasn’t really happy playing with shaving foam ! Far too sticky for his hands! But the control is always there managing to twist the OT’s activities into things he wanted to do!! Oh the joy of PDA!!

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