Our trip to Chessington world of adventures


Chessington World of Adventures

Chessington World of Adventures (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



Yesterday we went to Chessington world of adventures, and I have to say it was a good day overall. As british summer dictates, it was chucking down when we left the house.

Dinky did very well at getting dressed and getting ready to go. It was much less of a battle then we would have normally have had. My dad was coming with us and created his own drama while I was sorting Dinky. We got a cab to the station and dinky was playing with her ipod on the platform to keep herself calm. She noticed two girls, one was roughly the same age and the other was slightly younger. Dinky put her music on loudish and walked up to the girl that was about the same age and she put her face an inch away from her and shouted “have you heard this one?”

I instantly apologise in reaction to the shock on the mother’s face. She looked at Dinky like there was something ‘wrong’ with her. Then I got annoyed as she pulled her child away. Dinky just wanted to talk to her daughter, she wasn’t doing anything wrong, she just does that when the surroundings are noisy or if a child doesn’t respond immediately. Fortunately our train arrived and I managed to get dinky to another carriage, as she would have tried and tried to talk to them with the mother pulling faces.

Dinky was good on the train with my dad, they were playing angry birds. When we had to change trains that’s when we hit the first meltdown of the day. We had to switch at one of the busiest train stations in London. There was lots of people, lots of fast trains, trains stopping, whistles, and shouting. Dinky started spinning around y dad and he got annoyed so she stopped and then she asked for a snack, my dad snapped a her and she started screaming and hitting. I tried to calm her down. She calmed enough to be just head butting my hip. She then started saying the same words over and over again. My dad again asked her to stop and I had to remind him that this train station is full of new and loud noises. That dinky may seem ‘normal’ but these things bother her more than he realises, more than I realise sometimes. So he let her dangle off him as long as she promised to stay close and keep her wrist reins on.

When we got on the second train she was very anxious, this came out in her saying the same things over and over and asking silly questions. When we got off we had to walk to the entrance which took about 15 minutes. I had printed out our tickets which meant we skipped the long queue for tickets! We scanned in and found our way to AS (guest services). It was empty. Dad tried to keep dinky entertained while I sorted out her ride access pass due to her inability to queue up. If I am honest, if she didn’t qualify for it we wouldn’t have gone.

Meltdown number 2. Dinky was getting more and more agitated with waiting. Also on the way she saw a ride and asked the man if she was big enough. I didn’t see and hear all that was going on as I was trying to sort out the Access pass, but the gist of it was that the man tried to measure her which she didn’t want. He told her she wasn’t big enough when he did manage to do so. Then she wouldn’t wear the height checked wristband. The guy was great. He tried to help and when it didn’t work he backed off then found a way around it. Dinkys wrist reins then had the wrist band on. She calmed a little with simba, the only problem was that I now needed her to wear a wrist band for the ride access. I tried to make it really appealing and said that it was a cool colour and meant no lining up! She wasn’t happy but agreed to wear it.

The staff all around the park were great, very accommodating and really happy to help. we went on all the little kiddie rides where the car, boat, dragon goes round and round a track. My dad and I took turns on these as they are boring as anything, but Dinky loved them! We used the ride access and it made such a massive difference to her and us. The rides were great as they had a definite ending and dinky wasn’t exactly always great at getting off them, but it wasn’t a big deal. We did have more of an issue with the soft play house and the canopy as they had no ending.

Another issue was the new ride Zufari. Despite the ride access pass we still had to wait for a while. Dinky was very anxious as she couldn’t see the ride, or what was supposed to be going on as we were in a room with a tv which didn’t work. In the end it wasn’t that great. There were a few animals, and then we ended up going into a cave and back to the beginning. It really wasn’t worth the hassle of queuing for.

The staff were fantastic when Dinky wanted to meet the Moshi monsters. They didn’t have an access rule, but I asked if she could meet them, but said that she probably wouldn’t be able to manage the queues. The staff were great, they whizzed her in to meet them and dinky felt very special! It was really nice.


Dinky went on her first rollercoaster! The vampire. She went on three times and loved it. Dinky is one for rough and tumble and likes to be thrown around, so this ride was perfect for her! she did really well.

To be honest she did really well the whole day. I wasn’t expecting a meltdown free day. We let her choose where she wanted to go, what she wanted to do, what she wanted to eat. All in all it was a great day out.
Meltdowns 6, 7 and 8 happened on the way home. I didn’t expect any different really.

We all had a lovely day and have lots of pictures and mementos to show for it! Not even the rain spoilt our first real summer day holiday outing!

4 thoughts on “Our trip to Chessington world of adventures

  1. Awww Well done Dinky! Well done to you too! I can’t imagine taking Xavier somewhere like that. He hates anything where his feet are not firmly on the ground, he has balance issues. I’m not a fan of the rides either to be honest. I’d love the animals though. 🙂

    • I must admit, I forgot to mention that we got her a trophy for going on the Vampire 3 times as we were so proud of her! She was awesome! Although it does sound like it would be hell for you and your little man. The animals were fab x

  2. so pleased that you hard a good day DM, I bet you were pooped by the time you got home. The constant work need to try and prevent meltdowns along with the constant de-escalating techniques needed to reduce the potential massive meltdown and to try and limit it to mini meltdowns know’s no bounds. Stressful just ain’t the word, but all in all you continue to provide Dinky with a fabulous life xxx

  3. Thanks Jane x

    I contemplated writing this last night but after getting Dinky to bed I couldn’t face typing!
    Sometimes it is nice to sit back and appreciate that others know just how much work it is to keep a child with PDA calm and meltdowns at 6-7 out of 10.
    I try to give dinky the best I can give, I must admit I think I am going to end up collapsing by the end of the holidays with the type of things we have booked!

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