Report from the Paediatrician…

Well, I knew he was a little bit of a muppet, but here we go…

Firstly he got her date of birth wrong.
Then he put under the heading diagnoses

1) concerns about pathalogical demand avoidance (spelt pathological wrong)
2) inattention/Hyperactivity
3) Behavioural difficulties

None of which are actual diagnoses.

Then he goes on to say I am concerned about PDA but doesn’t add his own opinion on the matter.

He states she was interactive and responsive to questions. (Which she was When he continuously bugged her and disturbed her bubble blowing, she finally gave in and) She answered 3 questions.
Apparently she made very good eye contact and offered him grapefruit. Was also busy and over active.

Then (despite saying in his heading of diagnoses that there are concerns over PDA) he says he explained to me that he wasn’t concerned about autistic spectrum disorder, however he would like to assess for ADHD.

He says he agrees to 2mg of melatonin, and gave me a behavioural fact sheet (which was full of crap advice that doesn’t work with Dinky). He is also sending a copy to school to arrange a referral to a family link worker. (Which I told him the school were already sorting!).

He obviously had not received a call from the woman I spoke to who said he is going to be retrained as he doesn’t know PDA is an autism spectrum disorder.

I know this letter is going to be taken the way the paed meant by the school. That she is just a little hyper and that is why she can be more difficult to manage. Which is rubbish. They will completely bypass the “concerns over pathalogical demand avoidance” and skip to “I am not concerned about autistic spectrum disorder, however I would like to assess her for ADHD”. Which means they will push her and try harder to get her to conform. Which will make her so much worse. This idiot is going to ruin everything I have tried to get out into place for Dinky.

Maybe when I receive the letter from the paediatric lead for the trust I should send a copy to the school so they know that he doesn’t know what he is on about.

Dinky has been struggling today. She hasn’t known what she wants to do with herself. She asked to ride her bike but because I asked her to use her brakes she wouldn’t, so we ended up having to stop in the empty park for her to run around a bit. She was flitting between bouncing around the living room and hiding under the table.
I think we may have overdone it last week. I will have to be more careful next week. She has a cinema trip with her special needs group tomorrow, I will give her the choice of going to the special needs clubhouse on Tuesday and we have a visitor on Wednesday to discuss respite care for dinky. Saturday we are off to Legoland! I have heard they are fantastic with children with special needs. I am hoping this is the case when we go.

I am shattered, and I apologise if my posts don’t make sense or are few and far between until September!


5 thoughts on “Report from the Paediatrician…

  1. Hi! If you are going to Legoland, make sure you take the paed’s letter that says under diagnosis ADHD or suspected as they are much stricter over disabled access than Chessington. You can only get it if you have ASD or ADHD. They use a hand stamp rather than a band which Dillon used to lick off! So we now put on one of their free parent phone number bands and get them to stamp that , saying that he just licks off the stamp! Dinky will love legoland. If she likes water take a towel and swimsuit as they have a new water play park bit!! It can also get quite hot if its a sunny day. Have a great time!!x

  2. Hi Tracey!
    Thank you for your advice!

    I have phoned Legoland and asked if the wording of the GP’s letter was ok, and they said it was fine. It says she is under the paediatrician and it is likely she has autism spectrum disorder. It also sates that she clearly has difficulties with comprehension, social interaction and understanding the concept of waiting. (My GP is lovely!)

    I am definitely going to ask for a wristband to put the stamp on! Dinky loves licking and biting her hands!

    I hope you and Dillon are having a good holiday xx

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