Halfway through the summer holidays… busy day!!!

AS the title says today has been a VERY busy day!

Yesterday we didn’t do much as Dinky wanted a film day at home. Which was fine y me as I needed a little time to catch up on some of the paperwork stuff at home as I hadn’t filed the 3 important letters that have come through.

So this morning we were supposed to be getting ready to go to her special needs group outing to a local park, and lunch at the restaurant.

Dinky had her days mixed up and thought it was Pizza and films day. Pizza being the only meal other than ‘mummys pasta’ (bacholars pasta n sauce- or has that changed to super pasta?), either way she loves pepperoni pizza and was really looking forward to making one for herself. This led to her have a meltdown and I had no option but to ride the wave as there was no getting through to her.

Once Dinky had calmed down and I had given her the choice of staying home or going to the park to see the woman who runs the group. (Dinky does have a bit of an obsession when it comes to the group leader.) So she decided that she would indeed go.

We walked to the bus stop and we hit another ‘issue’. Dinky didn’t want to get on the bus we needed because of the number. This is not the first time she has had this. She truly seems too scared to go on the bus. I normally leave earlier than necessary because the buses are rubbish and we needed to get 2. We had just enough time to get the next bus which was ok to Dinky and we went the long way. When we got off there was a short walk to the park then we found the group. It took until 10.45am to leave her as she had taken her wrist reins off and I wasn’t sure who she had been assigned to (not that it matters as she would stay with the group leader).

On our way up we walked past a tree top walk for juniors. Dinky wanted to try it.

When I left her, I had a thought.

1. She would go on and on about not going if we walked past and she didn’t have a go!

2. She had swimming later and the swim centre is round the corner from the park.

3. It looked like fun and she would LOVE it!

So as she made her way to the park to run around, I went to get tickets for it.


I decided to ask if they made concessions for children on DLA. I ended up getting a free ticket for me to go. I would have had to go with her anyway, but they made a decision on the day to reduce the cost, as Tesco say “every little helps”!

So we were booked in for 4.15pm. I was due to pick dinky up at 3pm.

I got in just before 12pm. I whacked my music up, then sang (very badly) while doing the housework! I sat down for 30 minutes to make a phone call, and then before I knew it it was 2pm and I had to go.
It is times like this that I really wish I had a car. The fastest way by public transport to get her would be 3 buses! (we got two earlier as we missed the one that takes 5 minutes to the shop rather than the 10-15 it takes to walk).

So I thought I would try it. I got the first one, got off and straight onto the second one. As I got off the second one I had to run (fast) to the bustop of the third as it was about to come to the turning. I got an unexpected applause from the pensioners at the bus stop as I stopped just as the bus did! The bus driver thought he was hilarious by doing the mo-bot, so I did the lightning bolt back!

Now, I am not the fittest person ever. Since having Dinky I have not done very much exercise since she was born. (Unless you count running after her when she bolts and playing with her). Still I have put on some weight and don’t find running as easy as I used to!

I got off at the stop for the park and walked up. I got Dinky who seemed to have had fun! Although she was asking if she could go back to the park.

I told Dinky that the plan was to go back to the park and then go on the tree top walk/course.
So I followed her round the park. She opted to put her ear defenders on and was happy to go on the slide. Now, MOST kids would go on the inside of a tube slide… Dinky on the other hand decided that she would like to scale the outside! So I had to find a way of getting her down safely.
Once down, we had a little while to go until it was time to go to the tree tops. So we visited the toilets.

We were given a radar key by the local autism support group. (Basically, the leader was giving them to new members, and I mentioned that it would be handy for us as Dinky hates going to a toilet with the hand dryers going, she doesn’t do waiting and it would be very helpful at one particular train station. Some one said I needed one, and I was given it).

We got some looks for using the disabled toilet, but I didn’t care.

We went back to the tree tops course, I was given some paperwork to fill out and a safety sheet to read and get Dinky to acknowledge.

She wasn’t too bad I used the massive connect 4 disks to do the safety talk for her and drew pictures to test her. She got them right when the lady asked her the questions. We went down and she was harnessed up and I was given a harness. Then we were given safety ropes with ‘trolleys’, which are basically solid metal wheels in a metal case, and very, very heavy! Well, Dinky was swinging hers around and found she liked the sensation of spinning with it spinning round. I was gobsmacked and tried to stop her. It was then that I became ‘trolley holder’. We got set and went up. It was a lot trickier than I first anticipated. First of all, not only am I a little larger than I would like around the middle, but also I am tallish. I am 5 foot 9 or there abouts. This course was made for juniors! Which put the safety wire at my shoulder height, whereas Dinky walked underneath. I found some of the boards tricky but it was fun. Dinky was away! She loved it. It seems having no sense of danger can come in handy occasionally! However it was a bit of an issue when we did the zipwire as se went first, which meant she had a head start on me! She went off and I had to ask them to just let me go. So I went after her and took her back to the beginning. We did the course again, and dinky was faster and did it without holding the ‘holding wire’! She was so good at it!

After this we went on the longer more wobbly second circuit. This I found harder with my height and the wire as it was right in the middle and I wasn’t supposed to touch it because of the trolley. Dinky was off! She was awesome and definitely part monkey! (which was her first nickname as she was obsessed with them as a baby).

She was fast and she was doing it all with ease (which led to a group of adults starting some banter as I struggled with a particularly small net crossing with 6 individual nets!)

When we finished Dinky was proud however upon being congratulated by the staff she wriggled out of the harness and ran off! Normally Dinky is not too bad with praise but she found the whole thing a bit too much. I had to whip my harness off ad chase her. I managed to get her back and she got a certificate and a badge for completing the course. She wouldn’t take them, so I took them for her.
She had a meltdown over having pizza for dinner. Then we went to get our bags and headed off to swimming which was a nice 20 minute walk from the tree tops.
At swimming she was in full demand avoidance, and therefore was just allowed to get on with it.

I was shocked at how well she left the pool compared to last week! Although she did kick off in the changing room, but nowhere near the week before. I got her dressed as by this point she couldn’t handle any demands, no matter how small.

We got a cab home and once home I got her dressed again for bed.. (making me think that it may be easier to get her dressed into pullups and pj’s at the pool- although on reflection, it is lazy and probably a little wrong, especially if we are getting the bus!)

Once dressed she wanted to sleep in my bed, so I let her.

She has 5 hours with the special needs group tomorrow.

I am off to the pub tomorrow night! Not to get smashed, but to have a few light drinks with the local autism group. Which resets my pub outings back to zero (this is in regards to my last post ‘lucky-I wish’, and what I use DLA for… I wont be using her DLA to go out, but shove it… I think I deserve a trip to the pub!)

I would like to say, I am very happy that it seems the autism group are very accepting of PDA, which is only helped by NAS having an article in the latest magazine on PDA written by the infamous Margo Duncan!


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