Lemons and I learn new things


So last night I was not in a good place.

One of the lessons I have learnt, is that it means I just have to be more pro active in the face of muppets.

So I got up tired and grumpy, but with a plan, which promptly changed as things do with Dinky around!

I woke up to her winding the poor guinea pigs up and having filled their bowl with treats had eaten breakfast and raided the fridge for the last of the pepperami and yogurts. Dinky lives off a diet of pepperami, yogurt, cheese, melon, biscuits, pizza and pasta. She will eat McDonalds chips, but not oven or homemade. She will eat chicken in processed form only and only in the shape of a ball or dinosaur.

My only course of action was to take dinky shopping. First she had to watch Ice age 4, and then she had to read the guinea pig book to the guinea pigs. We got there at just about lunchtime.

Luckily our local Asda has 3 of these trolleys….


This means that I can put her in the trolley and do my shopping without having to stop her running off and touching EVERYTHING. The plan was to get her some mc donalds chips for lunch and a smurf toy. Dinky was really happy that they were doing free facepainting at the supermarket entrance. I didn’t have to ask her what she wanted on her face. “WHITE TIGER, WHITE TIGER” she shouted at the lady who was a foot away from her. She got all excited and began kicking her legs and slightly flapping her arms. The lady was great and made her look like Sheera (which I now know is spelt Shira as I had to google her for the lady!). When it was done dinky was very, very happy. She began growling and roaring at everyone.

She was fine until she realised she didn’t have Simba anymore. Cue meltdown! It was then I realised the biggest downside to these trolleys! The seat faces me so I was an easy target. I managed to calm her a little, and we went to the customer service desk. Before I opened my mouth she said “Have you got Simba?”, the staff looked and said they hadn’t. Dinky was crying (I was trying to wipe the dripping facepaint off her chin so it didn’t land on her favourite Hulk top), and she said “I need him…. he is special.” The woman at the customer service desk went from a bored “sorry, no” to a melting “Awwww”. We dashed about and went to another desk and he was there. United with Simba again she was very happy, and went back to roaring round Asda.

We picked up the essentials and she got the things she wanted. (I purposely skip the aisles which house toys, books, and fun stuff). She did ok at the checkout. We got a cab back and she kicked off in the cab because she didn’t want her seatbelt on. So I took a few hits and managed to get the seatbelt on and stop her taking it back off.

At home she was bouncing around and hanging upside down to watch her T.V which seems to be her favourite way of watching T.V!

She went upstairs for a bit and I got on with my mission. I phoned the CDC and asked when Dinky’s next appointment was. The guy on the phone had no idea what I was talking about and said the next appointment hasn’t been made yet but would be at the beginning of October with the same Paediatrician. I told him about the clinical director’s letter, where she states she has arranged for Dinky to see another Paediatrician in the CDC. Unfortunately the guy had no idea what I was talking about. So He will call me back Monday. I confirmed the family link worker, better 6 months late than never right? I left a message for the integrated services lady.

So by Tuesday next week I should have a confirmation of the date of Dinky’s next Paed appointment (hopefully someone who is knowledgeable about PDA), I would have met the Link worker and know what she is supposed to be doing for us, and I need to get something moving with the CAF, and get a plan up and running for the next TAC, armed with the info that they should have called in the ed psych and have access to the social communication outreach team.

So with that it was time for dinner and a bath for Dinky.

I happened to learn some things tonight, and not all of  them new!

First of all the biggest problem when Dinky is having a bath is hair washing. We have a battle with it every time. To the point where I am slightly glad her eczema means she cant have a bath more than 3 times a week! Since she was a baby I asked her to put her head up when washing her hair. As she got older this became more and more of a battle.

The first thing I relearnt was it doesn’t matter how much I shout, she will do what she was doing, and it will only stress both of us out! The second was that I really should stand back once I set her off otherwise I get soaked.

I was tired and grumpy and annoyed. Not a good mix. I did something I wasn’t proud of. I shouted “WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?” and made her cry. Once we both calmed down with a hug I stood her up to dry her and asked her what on earth she thought I meant when I said put her head up. I wasn’t expecting what happened next, she stretched her neck up to get taller and pointed up and said “up”. So she thought I meant get taller not look up. It is my fault, it is my wording, and it follows on from the wording I grew up with.

I felt like crap.

For years we have battled with the hair washing, more so in the last two years, and all that time she didn’t understand what I meant, the whole time, all I had to do was ask her!

I am going to have to try to use different wording like “look up”. The little kid we used to live with understood put your head up. Although as I have typed it, it sounds wrong, it probably should be ‘put your head back’. I don’t now. All I know is Dinky’s literal thinking has caused battle after battle. It isn’t her fault. Oh no, I am not blaming her, it is the way she is.

Onto the weekend where I am looking forward to Match of the day to return!


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