Autism support in the park and school shoe shopping!

This morning we went to the local adventure park which was only open to the members of the autism support group.

Interestingly, since I joined there and mentioned PDA, it seems some of the other children ‘fit the bill’ as it were. I am so glad that the families now have a name for the fact that their children just don’t seem ‘autistic enough’.

I took my folder and was asked a couple of questions and have been speaking to one parent in particular whose son is very much like Dinky. On Thursday it was the picnic, and they played really well together. The only problem is when they are like that, compared to the other kids that were there, it seemed like they were fine. Both myself and the other mum said that our kids seem fine. Which they do. In certain social situations our children can play the part of NT (nuerotypical), quite well, but manage to hold in their anxieties and then blow when they get home… If they even make it that far!

Dinky did very well today, she was being a bit dangerous, completely unintentionally, but I still had to run over to her numerous times in order to stop her injuring herself or any of the other kids. When the Lad came from the picnic, dinky was happy playing with him. We had some more of the Shira and Diego game, overall it was good though.

I wasn’t sure of the way to the bus stop as we got a cab in. Both Dinky and the other lad were on edge and being pickles. Dinky squirted him with water yet had a go at him for trying to do the same back. It was tit for tat the 10 minute walk.

We said goodbye and got the bus into town.

Now going shoe shopping for school is anybody’s idea of hell. To go with a child with additional needs who can go from 0-meltdown very quickly, it is definitely a nightmare! I really didn’t fancy having to make a special trip to town, and we had to get hay for the guinea pigs anyway, so I decided to go for it.

Well of course… it didn’t go down very well! The prospectus says the uniform is black shoes OR TRAINERS. Seeing as she went through so many school shoes in 2 terms at her old school, I am opting for trainers. Which is no easier!

It was busy and loud (and a mess), we were in sportsdirect. I used to work there, so the staff said hello on the way in. Dinky found a three tier shoe table and hid on the middle shelf. One of the guys I used to work with moaned because he had just sorted that particular shoe table, so I promised to fix it for him. I got Dinky 2 different styles to pick from and she didn’t like either! So she screamed and kicked and threw shoe boxes around.
I cant believe the effect the badge had (dinky has a badge which says ‘I am not naughty, I have special needs’)! The shoppers looked and grunted and tutted BUT! There were a few that said ‘aww poor kid, obviously not happy in this shop’. A new member of staff asked if there was anything she could do… Well, apart from getting ‘X’ to hurry up with the shoes there was nothing else she could do. More kicking screaming and trashing, then she picked some trainers. Still not calm, she was hyper at the till and went behind the till as she wanted to use the scanner! We paid and had another mini meltdown on the way out. Then another in the pet shop. Then we did a very quick shop around asda to get lunch bits. She was really good in asda as I brought her a book to read, plus I let her pick the lunch bits!

She was a menace in the cab, but when we got in she put Ice Age 4 on and was happy upside down watching it. (I don’t know why she likes to watch things upside down, but she does..) Then she decided to ask if I was going to hoover, I said I could do, or I could wait until she was in bed. She grabbed her ear defenders and followed the hoover around, watching the spinning bits, and having the air blowing in her face. At first I thought.. oh dear my child is odd! But I prefer Unique!

My very unique Dinky!

She is now watching SpongeBob squarepants upside down with Simba… (who managed to have a bath yesterday! Dinky even helped!)


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