Jabs or no jabs? emails and phonecalls…

I haven’t written for a few days.
Dinky has been to her Special needs group on two days and my dad has taken her to the park today. So I have spent the time kicking back and relaxing!

hahahaha…. that was obviously a joke!


No, I have been sorting paperwork, attending meetings, making phone calls, writing emails and dealing with the fall out of her being compliant (mostly) when she is out with the group.

Today has been the most interesting.

This morning Dinky had an appointment for missed Jabs. I did say when they phoned that I thought she was up to date, but they were adamant, so I booked it.
When we were there she was fine, but they were running late. Our appointment was for 9.30, at 9.40 ish Dinky asked why we were there. Normally she wouldn’t ask, but she is getting older and more aware of things around her. I sad she had to see the nurse. “Why”. Because, because however, doesn’t work anymore! “Why?”

Oh dear.

I feel I have to keep Dinky’s trust. If she cant trust me, what hope has she got? So I have said other than the normal kids world stuff, santa, easter bunny, tooth fairy, I would not lie to her, but not tell her more than she needs to know.

This was difficult. She was going on and on. Nothing I was saying distracted her. In the end I told her she was there for jabs. That was it.. she was under the chairs and refusing to come out! The nurse came out to find out what all the commotion was about. She said it wouldn’t be long. A lady came out and saw me trying to get her out and said there was a spider under there… Dinky shot out! It was pure genius and it meant I could move her!

She was screaming and hitting. She was in meltdown.

When the nurse came out I couldn’t move her. I tried to tell the nurse that I think Dinky has had them anyway. She said she would check. A few minutes later and she said that I might be right. She said she wasn’t comfortable doing the jabs with her in so much distress anyway, now she was less sure. She said to take Dinky away and wait for her call after lunch once she had spoken to the immunisation bureau. So dinky was still shaking and crying but seemed to ease once se realised that she didn’t have to have the jabs there and then. Although she was telling me that she would kill me if I took her back there! The nurse had a look at the side of my face as I got an almighty boot, turns out I’ll be fine, which I told her!

I took her to go with my dad to the park and she was still calming down, although she was excited and telling my dad all about diggerland!

After all the things with the Family link worker, I decided to email the woman I was told to email about how poorly the services in our county had treated Dinky. So I did.

Then I got a call from one of the short break services. They have football for her to try and a keyworker to go as her 1:1. I am meeting the 1:1 on Wednesday!

Exciting times!

I also got a call from the nurse to say it was a clerical error and dinky doesn’t need the Jabs afterall. I think se was relieved as that would have been a complete nightmare. However good news! She spoke to the GP about Dinky’s meltdown, and it will go on her records that it was not a tantrum, and how distressed she was.

We are off out tomorrow, and have a lazy weekend planned.. although we might go to the cinema.

Then there are only 2 days before school starts again….



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