Autism friendly screening and more emails!

Yesterday I took Dinky to an autism friendly screening of smurfs 2. Dimensions, the company that runs the screenings do a very good job.

What makes the screenings autism friendly?

  • The lights will be on low
  • The volume will be turned down
  • There will be no trailers at the beginning of the film
  • You’ll be able to take your own food and drinks
  • You’ll be able to move around the cinema if you like**

**Guests are reminded not to run inside the cinema and children are to be supervised at all times.


Dinky completely broke the double star part as she was running laps round the lower seating area, while waiting for the film to come on, and during parts where I would normally have to find a non direct way of telling her to sit nicely.

It was great! She was surrounded by her mc donalds smurf toys and had simba next to her! She talked during the film and no one batted an eye lid, the same as most people just laughed when a lad shouted “I NEED A WEE!”

Kids were moving around and enjoyed the film. It was the most relaxed Dinky had been after a viewing and I think it is down to the lesser impact sensory wise and she could move and talk. There was no expectation for her to behave perfectly. Although I feel for the special needs group if they take her to the cinema again as I am sure she will end up thinking she can do the same again, although they don’t go to autism friendly screenings. I will have to apologise!

We did have a meltdown as we went past mc Donald’s as dinky wanted another toy, the problem was it was lunch time and the queue was almost out of the door! There was no way she would have been able to manage that length of time waiting. I would much rather deal with the meltdown outside, away from people, than inside with all those people who could get a stray kick or punch!

We did get some bubbles from the cinema on the way out and she was blowing them on the way to the bus stop. On the bus I was blowing bubbles to her and a lad came to sit next to her to pop some bubbles. Dinky was ok with the lad sitting next to her,, although myself and the lad’s dad had a bit of a giggle as Dinky was wearing her new Arsenal football shirt and the Lad was wearing a Tottenham football shirt. For anyone who doesn’t know, Arsenal and Tottenham are bitter football rivals! I was taught to carry on the rivalry, dinky and the lad were too young to realise how odd it was to have the two sat next to eachother!

We spent the afternoon reading books and doing sticking before she went to bed.


Today I have had a banging headache. We fed the ducks for a short while and then I took some painkillers and laid down while dinky was playing smurfs in her room. I could hear her pretend to be Gargamel with Simba playing  Azrael. Once the painkillers kicked in she was happy to watch a film while I thought hard about how to handle the school situation. Which was when I received another email from the strategic commissioning manager, child disability, children’s services for the local authority. She is going to phone me tomorrow and arrange a meeting before the TAC meeting, she is also going to find someone to come into the TAC with me to make sure the school don’t try and pull a fast one.
Which to be fair they had done last term when they said there is nothing they can do without a diagnosis, which is rubbish! Which only riled me up more for the fight!

I have written a letter to the school regarding the paediatrician’s utterly rubbish report, and copied (my printer is awesome!) the letter from the clinical director for paediatrics to give in Wednesday morning.


So gloves are off, I will update on my phone call tomorrow…



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