A big day and another school year begins…



As those who read the facebook page might know, yesterday was a big day! I had 3 big phonecalls.

1) strategic commissioning manager called and she has forwarded my email, had talked to the clinical director of paediatrics and has arranged a longer phone call for tomorrow!

2) Got a call from the CDC, Dinky’s next appointment with a paediatrician who the local autism group are raving about!

3) Got a call from integrated services lady. She saw the email. It is funny how going to someone very high up can get people moving! She is asking that Dinky’s class teacher be released, and get more people in for the TAC. She is going to request that the educational psychologist and the social communication inclusion team are called in for Dinky. It was just amusing to see how interested she was after 24 hours and an email. Mostly I am just glad that she apparently told her manager in no uncertain terms that it is NOT my parenting that causes Dinky’s challenging behaviour!
Last night Dinky was not happy with the prospect of going back to school this morning.

So I got up at 6am with her and we started getting ready at 6.30 am. It was tough going but she was dressed at 8! She wasn’t fighting through it, I was just gently trying to get her to put her uniform on and teeth brushed ect in a way that wouldn’t set her off!
However as soon as it came to hair brushing Dinky became a guinea pig and went under the washing! Then we couldn’t find Simba… which reminds me… I must hunt for him when I have finished this.

I managed to get her hair brushed and smurfette to go instead, just for today!

When we got to the school we lined up and she was happy. She called end of the week teacher to show her the homework diary. I went into the classroom with Dinky and we went past the SENCO, hahahaahahahahahahahaha her face! She couldn’t hide the ‘Ive had 6 weeks off now I know I have my work cut out’ look!

I managed to leave her in the classroom while she played in the roleplay area.


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