Autism family day and disabilty fun day… What a weekend!

Well, the first three days back at school were not brilliant but we had a fun packed weekend planned where neither Dinky or myself would be judged.

Honestly it is a lovely feeling. What is not such a great feeling is knowing the first involves a trip on the train. Dinky, my dad and I met up with another mum who suspects her child has PDA and her 3 children. As much as the pair of PDA suspects are challenging together, they are also hilarious! It was great seeing them together having fun on the train. We had to wait at the other end to be picked up and the two of them got a little hyper. Both my dad and the other mum were trying to stop them running in circles. I asked what damage they could do, and it might be better than making them stay in one spot because they would find something else to occupy themselves which may be worse. So they ran round. No injuries and When the cars came Dinky was happy to get in the car, instead of messing about she played hakuna matata my old iPod which is now hers, singing away!

I can not describe how beautiful the grounds were! The sun was shining, bubbles were flowing and kids were happy! Dinky was straight off to the foam rockets, that was until she found the massive bubble wands. She was in her element- spinning and bubbles! My heart could have burst watching her so happy and everyone looking on smiling, not thinking she was odd. Ahhhhh! It was a little while, but she eventually went off to find out what else was going on. She found some bongo drums and then saw the lad we came with had an ice cream. So off I went to get ice cream. When I came back she was playing a Ukulele with the music group. She ended up making my dad hold her ice cream near her mouth so she could eat and play! Well… The show must go on right?

It wasn’t long before she was dictating which songs to play. The guy running it was so patient and they did EVERYTHING she asked. They made her feel special! She loved it. She got to the point where she needed to hide, there were parachutes and a tent which she managed to escape to when needed. She then flitted between bubbles, music and games. Then they brought out the big guns!!!

Not 1 but 2 BOUNCY CASTLES!!!

It was a shame they were held up, as it led to queuing. One thing that most kids with autism cant do… queue. It wasn’t too bad though.
Dinky got her go and was in her element as usual. She was starting to struggle by this point. My dad took her off to look at the ponies in the next field and I went to chat to another mum next to the outdoor pool (I know right! This place was awesome!). It was then Dinky came tearing round the corner with Dad chasing after her. I had to grab her before she jumped in the pool. Both myself and my dad had to pin her down as every time we tried to let her go she was going in. So I lifted her round to where we were originally as she punched me in the face and spat at me. I had to hold her tight. No one paid any attention. It was brilliant.

She calmed down and ran off to play Ukulele again!

It was a wonderful day, toward the end all the kids were struggling and we were glad to be going. The train journey was more difficult, but we got home in one piece.

This morning didn’t go down too well, she was shouting over little things as she was just a little bundle of anxiety. She hates the place that we were going to because of her bad experience with a mainstream afternoon in which she clocked up a total of 3 written warnings in 4 hours. It was hell for her. So when I mentioned the place she went into meltdown. I had to explain it was a different set of people and I wouldn’t leave her there. This was actually a disability fun day.

Eventually she agreed to go, only because her new PDA friend was going. Once she was there and saw the bouncy castle she was very happy! Her shoes were off before we truly got through the door of the hall! She was away! She went to have a go on the trampoline, but it wasn’t quite ready, of course this is Dinky, so she jumped on anyway. Only 3 people were trying to get her down… but in true Dinky fashion it wasn’t registering, if it was it didn’t show. I managed to get her off eventually. Then she waited on the floor and was taken up properly. She was really good! She was doing seat drops and having a blast! 5 minutes later off she got to let someone else on. She could have waited for another turn but she wasn’t interested.
She struggled a lot more today. The other mum turned up and after a while she asked what had got into Dinky, she was much more volatile. We had met up a few times at the end of the summer and Dinky had been mostly calm and had only shown flashes of meltdowns. Today she was spitting, biting and punching. Again, no one judged me or Dinky, and it was nice to not feel the glare of judgemental eyes over me. She was bouncing and hiding a lot more. At one point she wanted to go back on the trampoline and before I could catch her she ran under the trampolines! It was all systems go! All the adults panicked and stopped the kids from bouncing as dinky could get seriously hurt. I grabbed her quick before she set up under there and refused to come out. It took some doing but I managed to get her away she screamed full on in my ear and was shouting stupid head. Lovely!

We were having fun, but as it got closer to lunchtime she was getting more and more worked up! Again the spitting and biting.

She didn’t each much for lunch, and was back bouncing on the bouncy castle and had put her name down for trampolining. Dinky went rock climbing. Now as usual she doesn’t listen to instructions, which made the instructors job more difficult. But once on there she did great! Last time we went she only went half way up and stopped. This time she went to the top… TWICE! I was so proud of her!

I chatted to a few mums about PDA, Dinky’s school, and special schools, while she had her time out in a tent. She went back on the trampoline and did really well. I asked the Lady there about her doing lessons. She was nice, but said that her unpredictability was a huge factor and the fact that she was quite impulsive, they meant she wasn’t able to join her lessons as it would be too dangerous.

we chatted more as the kids played with the small house and then a 16 year old lad was playing with Dinky and her PDA friend. It was funny to watch, but they were having a blast.

Just as we were due to leave the heavens opened!

We got a cab home and Dinky was spinning while I put the pictures on facebook. We had dinner, she had a bath and she was happy to let me dress her, kicked off about bed, but went up.

Back to school tomorrow, and I have the family link worker coming round…


So I will post again tomorrow after the family link worker and I get a copy of the Boxall Profile


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