Family link worker and Dinky’s Boxall profile

I am getting a little more than fed up with how things are going.

Today the family link worker came over. Honestly, she couldn’t fill a postage stamp with amount she knows about pre diagnosis support.

I did have a bit of a rant about school, and said that I just wanted her out of there. She said I haven’t really got an option, which is true to an extent. I haven’t got much choice at the moment. I told her that I wanted to get her into a special school that caters for PDA. She asked if Dinky was academically on target. When I said yes she said that she wouldn’t get a statement as, not only has she not got a diagnosis, but she hasn’t got a learning difficulty. I told her that statements aren’t only based on academics of school, that her behaviour impacts on hers and other’s learning and if she had a TA they could know when to push and when to pull back.
She also said the school don’t have to do anything as she doesn’t have a diagnosis. I did say that just because she doesn’t have a piece of paper with her needs grouped under a few words, doesn’t mean the needs do not exist! She said it didn’t matter.

I am far from happy with the Family link worker.


Then I picked dinky up from school and picked up the Boxall profile.

She was grumpy, shouting, avoidant and a pickle on the way home, she span for 20 minutes then watched lion king with simba on the sofa. She didn’t move. Getting her to bed was an ordeal! But it is done now!


Boxall Profile

Developmental Strands

0-      Never

1-      Not really, virtually never

2-      To some extent

3-      At times

4-      Yes or usually

I’ll only put in where she struggles so 0,1 and 2

0-      Never

  • Of her own accord returns to and competes any activity that was interrupted
  • Makes pertinent observations about the relationships between two other people


1-      Not really, virtually never

  • Listens with interest when teacher explains something
  • Makes appropriate verbal request to a child in their way or has something she wants
  • Complies with specific verbal prohibitions on personal use of school equipment
  • Listens, attends, and does what is required when a teacher addresses a simple positive request specifically to her
  • Shows genuine interest in another child’s activity or news
  • Sits reasonably still without talking or causing a disturbance when a teacher makes a general request to all children for their attention
  • In free play involving other children she constructively adapts to their ideas and suggestions


2-      To some extent

  • Takes appropriate care of something she has made or done
  • Begins to clear up or bring close an enjoyable work/play activity when the teacher, with adequate warning, makes a general request to group
  • Makes and accepts normal physical contact with others
  • Abides by the rules of an organised group game in playground or hall
  • Takes part in teacher centred group activity
  • Shows genuine concern and thoughtfulness for other people
  • Shares with others, takes turns, gives someone something they need

Diagnostic profile


4- Like this to a marked extent

3- Like this at times

2- Like this to some extent

1- Only slightly or occasionally like this

0-      Not like this

3’s and 4’s show where she struggles

4-  Like this to a marked extent

  • Variable in mood
  • Uncontrolled and unpredictable outbursts eruptions
  • Erupts into temper, rage, violence when frustrated, thwarted, criticised or touched
  • Always has to be first/best
  • Contrary in behaviour- from sometimes helpful, co-operative  and compliant, at other times, stubborn, obstinate, resistive or unheeding
  • Gives uninhibited expression to boisterous and noisy behaviour; is not influenced by social constraints and expectations


3-      Like this at times

  • Reacts defensively even when there is no real threat-  evasive, finds excuses, blames others, or denies
  • Cant wait for her turn or something she wants; plunges in or grabs
  • Sulk when disapproval is shown or when attention is withdrawn or when thwarted
  • Clings tenaciously to inconsequential objects and resists having them taken away


I disagree with the last two 3’s

  • Sullen, resentful and negative in general attitude and mood

I’m sure it is just because she is at school!

  • Determinedly dominates  or persecutes by bullying, intimidation, or the use of force

This is a bit harsh, she can be controlling and dominates play but she doesn’t do it on purpose or go out to upset anyone by bullying or hurting them


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