Dinky is not coping right now

I thought it was bad enough when every morning Dinky would hide under the washing and wouldn’t come out until the very last minute to get to school last term. Her behaviour after school was not great either.
However I would sooooo go back to that right now. After a very good summer (don’t get me wrong it wasn’t perfect, her difficulties didn’t disappear, they were just lessened due to using PDA strategies more consistently), we are back to sweet 5 year old vs She Hulk or the incredible sulk!

20130911-080824 PM.jpg

20130911-080850 PM.jpg

We have had the guinea pig routine and the under table routine this morning, but we still left on time. Dinky has taken to hiding in the bush in the morning. So this morning I let her watch the ice age sea shanty, over and over in the line for school. Which worked, yay!

This afternoon she wasn’t happy we were not going to the park. So the head butting started. Then we got home- let the spinning commence!
Followed by snuggling up in my jumper to watch ice age before swimming.
At swimming she had a new instructor, which didn’t go down very well. Dinky was being dangerous. Well, they have tried putting her in with a child with lower limb mobility problems. This doesn’t work because that child is about 8 and clings to the instructor, so when Dinky decides “I can swim all by myself” the instructor can’t get to her very fast when she realises that she can’t make it to the edge! So they put the swim belt back on to which Dinky screams and fights and they don’t know what to do. I don’t know what to do, the instructor doesn’t know her name, so calls her a different name. Once settled again dinky was happy as anything in the water, and then she went with a different instructor for the last 5 minutes. Wouldn’t get out, was screaming and lashing out, ended up punching the instructor in the face. I had to pull her out and try and stop her jumping back in. She was soaking wet and wouldn’t go in the showers and was backing into me. She is still quite dinky and where she was backing into my jeans I looked like I had wet myself! thank a lot dinks! then had to wrestle her into the changing room. At first she went under the bench. I tried to get my phone out to video her, but she saw what I was doing and charged at me nearly knocking me over and my phone out of my hands.
She go dirty under the bench so freaked out and ran to the showers. She got washed and came back to the changing room. (She hadn’t stopped screaming yet)! I wasn’t allowed to touch her. She asked for food, when I said I didn’t have any I got whacked. She asked if she could have her telly on at home. I said no, because like every Wednesday after swimming, it is vitamins (code word for melatonin), story and bed. I tried to get her ready but she was still so stressed out. I was getting stressed, because I was wet and uncomfortable too. I tried everything I had to just ride it out. Eventually I got her dressed. We left and it was raining, so I called a cab. We got home, I had to dress her and out her to bed after her melatonin. Right now she is fast asleep and I just want her out of her school and need a professional to take her needs seriously, because not only is it unfair for her, but I can’t cope with having all my hard work undone by school and keep getting beaten up by my 5 year old because they don’t get it as much as I do.

I don’t think this is going to change at all quickly. The TAC meeting next week is the first step on (another) long road to get support.

One positive… Speech and language got her referral on the 18th June 2013, bad news “will be seen within 18 weeks of referral.” Are they on another planet? What happened to EARLY INTERVENTION obviously they do not understand earlyas Dinky could well turn 6 before they see her!

Forget banging my head on a brick wall… I’m off to have a nervous breakdown!


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