Decisions, decisions….

Dinky went with her special needs group to soft play yesterday, which was good as it gave me more time to go over things and try and make sense of the paperwork regarding SEN that I received from Parent Partnership!

Afterwards we went to town to get her a board game as an instant reward for getting dressed in the morning without kicking off! (Family link worker’s idea) We shall see how it goes. She has wanted mouse trap for a long, long time, and to be fair, she was pretty well behaved when we were out. I was doubly impressed when she asked for her ear defenders in the shopping centre. So much so I got her a little spongebob squarepants toy as she seemed to like him (it was him or a power ranger… spongebob wins!). She was really good until we got home.

My dad was due to come over and I was trying to set up Mouse trap so that she knows what fun we can have if she gets dressed nicely. Dinky wanted to help, which was nice. She couldn’t hold it in forever though, and I was waiting for the blowout. Which happened after my dad arrived and we started playing. Her mouse got trapped (new rules than what I remember as you carry on playing for cheese? I don’t know, I read the instructions as much as I could before Dinky took them), so she screamed, started crying and stormed off, my little 5 year old going on 15 year old. My dad was like a 50 year old going on 5 year old as we all had ice creams and he dropped the chocolate from his on the grey part of my rug! Oh dear, down to me to be the only one acting my age yesterday. We did play on when she returned and then my dad was about to win which Dinky was not happy about, so she kept setting off the traps which was annoying.

Eventually it was bedtime.

My dad and I watched our team play football! We WON! yay!

today Dinky has been really difficult to handle. She has been screaming over nothing, winding the guinea pigs up so much that one of them bit her, and has been slamming doors all afternoon. Seems like we have some sturdy doors!

I have written a letter withdrawing Dinky from Nurture. If they do not withdraw her, they wont like to see me mad. They have caused so many issues they don’t even know how mad I am right now!

We shall see. I have nothing on tomorrow, just refining my TAC points.

Tuesday the family link worker is coming out to do the action plan,

Wednesday is the local autism support group’s coffee morning, which is never actually just a coffee and a chat, and Wednesday is no different, we are doing paediatric first aid.

Thursday is the TAC.

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