Today… People are idiots!

It has been a day of insensitive and irritating comments and actions today.

From other parents thinking they know more than you about how to raise your child, to other parents who try to say they are going through the same thing but aren’t, to people having a pop about the possibility of me having a nap on a Monday. To the school being the school and me being me.
So here are some things I should have said but didn’t…

To the mum who thinks she is mother to ALL the children…
Yes, I know Dinky shouldn’t be in the bushes, but if you had actually been paying attention, before you waltzed over offering what can only be a new version of hell for both myself and my child, she was standing in line with her hands over her ears, rocking into me, humming. It is an autistic ‘do not disturb’ sign. She wants to be left alone, but you are now annoying her and she doesn’t want to come out now and we are heading towards meltdown…. Thank you!

To the receptionist
It is rude to read other people’s mail, just deliver the letter so that my child doesn’t have to spend another afternoon playing with the garage in nurture group.

To the mum whose child also goes to nurture
It is actually impossible to get a diagnosis of ADHD without the school doing a rating scale of some kind. So saying your kid got diagnosed in the summer when it hadn’t been 3 months from referral, and I know this because as you know I am going through it with Dinky, is utter rubbish. Your child might have an issue, you don’t need to lie, it is ok not to know, and to be waiting for an appointment.

To the senco
You are a grade one Muppet. Thanks by the way, I love having so much doubt about myself that I actually start to believe it is possible that I have become my abusive neglectful mother and am the root cause of all her difficulties. Not!
Thank god for the family link worker. There is something I didn’t think I would say when I met her!
Why can’t you just be straight with me and tell me what is going on in that muppet brain of yours, because I don’t think Dinky is the only one with faulty wiring, it seems you have a habit of getting your wires crossed! How about you forget your dreams of one day becoming a paediatrician and stick to your job of catering for a child’s INDIVIDUAL NEEDS. Not shoving them in a room full of kids with behavioural difficulties and expecting two members of staff to deal with them.

To the head teacher
Thanks for telling the whole school that there are 6 children at the school who are still learning to behave. The first thing anyone thinks is nurture. Where did you stick Dinky. As if it isn’t enough that I have every professional involved with us checking out my parenting skills before thinking that there might be something else, now all the mums think I’m a shit parent too. Cheers! So much for trust in the school. I wouldn’t trust the school with a paper clip!

To the person that dreams of Monday nap time
The reason I was going to have Monday nap time is because I can’t sleep at the moment, all I have is Dinky, the TAC meeting, nurture, parenting, my mother, the next paediatrician appointment, reading xyz things on SEN stuff ect ect on my mind. You may dream of Monday nap, I dream to travel to all the glorious places you have been to, I dream to have a degree and a good job, I dream that I owned my home and therefore could put in a poxy shower before the end of the introductory tenancy and I wish that you had done your job when I was 12.
In any case you have just had 6 weeks off and had lie ins… I have no idea what those are like anymore!

To the idiot that leaves stupid comments of Facebook and invites me to parties and weekends in Amsterdam
I am a mum to a child with special needs, I can barely get my dad to look after her for a couple of hours, even when she is asleep, what the hell makes you think I can come. And after the 5 th time of trying to explain it you still say stupid things and invite me anyway. You are a muppet!

To the person I should delete off of Facebook but don’t because it is wrong
Please no more photos of your perfect kid. Especially the daily sleeping ones. Also I don’t care how close it is to Christmas and please stop making me feel guilty when you put up all the stuff that the two of you make. I can’t get Dinky to make a model of a monster with me. Those angels looked awesome, and yes I’m intensely jealous, which is not cause to delete you.

Oh and back to the mum who thinks she is every child’s mother
I’m truly sorry Dinky punched your child in the stomach because she doesn’t understand turn taking, but honestly I do not know what you hope to achieve by texting me about it. I have been trying to get dinky to learn how to socialise for years. One text won’t fix it, but you know this. So why don’t you take it up with the school, I have enough to be getting on with!

And that was my day!


6 thoughts on “Today… People are idiots!

  1. a brilliant post DM, the frustrations of being a PDA parent whilst dealing with the ignorance of the world are so wonderfully explained and come through loud and clear xxxx

  2. Thanks Jane,
    I’m glad the points came through loud and clear, I am just not in the mood for idiots at the moment, but that is when they all seem to surface!
    Glad I made you chuckle with #muppets 🙂

  3. Chin up! People are idiots and think they know best, but they don’t…we do. That’s why we strive so hard to get our kids what they deserve. I also get very jealous of friends with ‘perfect’ kids. Whilst they may be perfect on Facebook you can bet at some point they have been less than perfect! And at least when we post positives that our kids have achieved they really have had to work hard to get there and we really are proud of them big time! You carry on ranting. This is a good place to do it and get some relief from frustration because us people that read your blog are all going through it too and can really sympathise ! Here endeth my sermon!!

  4. Forgot to say, love the ‘muppet’ comment too!! I’m a teacher and have met many sencos who are ‘muppets’ including the previous one my son had who was worse than a muppet, more like a fraggle!!!!!

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