The TAC meeting


So today was the TAC meeting! It didn’t follow a pattern, well, not a very well thought out one anyway, so this may sound jumbled and out of any sort of order.

There was me,

the integrated services lady (ISL),

family link worker (FLW),

special needs group leader (SNGL),

Head teacher (muppet),

the teacher made an appearance (CT),

and parent partnership (PP).

I had tweaked my list that the ISL went away with last time. I had that to hand along with the other mountains of paperwork that I have regarding Dinky! In the beginning no-one was really introduced to each other, and mostly ISL and muppet were pretty flustered. The ISL didn’t go through the list in the way I wrote it, and was doing a bit of rewording, I wasn’t happy, but the main points were getting across!

**BIG POINT** Everyone agreed Dinky was on the spectrum… that is at least SOMETHING! We discussed the PDA thing and had the ‘no diagnosis’ thing. So I did my bit about need.

It was great to see the Muppet back down on some of her other wordings. She no longer used the word dominating and even said bossy was a bit harsh. Which is funny, because she later said that Dinky was power seeking and controlling. We obviously had ‘confused muppet’ in attendance today.

It was actually amusing to see everyone’s reactions to each other. SNGL was sitting next to me hissing things when the Muppet showed a massive lack of understanding of Dinky, and none of the other professionals outside of school wanted to even look at the CT. She said that doing the now and next was time consuming and literally put her head in her hands at the mere suggestion of a home-school communication book. More hissing from next to me. The biggest intake of breath came when the CT said “Isn’t it a good thing for her to have a really good day in school and be worse at home”. Hmm let me see… no! For the school maybe, but even on good days they need to reduce her anxiety. When the head left the room they all erupted into “That CT is unbelievable!”

The Muppet was trying to get advice and SNGL told her it was down to the handling strategies and that the school need to have a better understanding. Dinky’s behaviour at the group was discussed, and while Dinky is not the most challenging child with SN they have, she definitely requires 1:1 and support.

We went over the nurture group and why I was unimpressed with the Boxall profile being completed. Again flustered the muppet who found it very hard to answer some of the questions I was directing at her. Ha! she said I was right when I said that Dinky definitely didn’t have an attachment disorder! HA! However she said Dinky has low self esteem, I said some of it has to come from not having her needs met. Even by me until January. A lot of hmm’s.

We went over the IEP and why it wasn’t being implemented and what could be done to achieve a better standard of support. Her CT has zero understanding of children with additional needs and seemed pretty annoyed with being educated on the matter by 4 other professionals. I wont deny it. I loved it!

PP didn’t say anything really.

FLW was asking about homework and support, she was pretty good, up until she got her wires crossed about high functioning which she thought meant highly autistic. Once we had settled that one it was better.

The head teacher asked about getting Dinky a statement, but she still wants me to do it with PP. I asked her outright if she thought that her school was the right placement for Dinks. She paused for a while, and said that it was a hard one to answer, but no. I agreed, but possibly for different reasons.

We went over the restraining of last term, she is going to find out about the letter that I was supposed to have received.

It was kind of odd as nothing was mentioned about support for Dinky previously and all of a sudden she apparently gets 1:1 in phonics and small group work in other areas. Well, I hope it is true, part of me believes this was just put into place before the TAC.

So I have requested a copy of the support timetable. I will also get a copy of the terms homework so that we can do it at Dinky’s pace and the school hopefully wont make too much of a objection if she doesn’t do it! Dinky will also go into school via the office, have her ear defenders in school, now and next will be used and we will have a home-school communication book.

I guess it sounded good, but then again I have been caught out with that before.

After the Muppet left, it seems no-one else was impressed with the school. SNGL was still hissing. It was rather amusing.

PP offered to help with applying for statutory assessment. I still don’t know if she will get a statement, although the head teacher does.

I probably missed loads, but the main chunk is there. Now everyone believes me… the school is utterly useless!


Ding Ding… round’s up!


6 thoughts on “The TAC meeting

  1. well done you, a brilliant result and how satisfying to watch muppet and CT have their inadequacies and incompetence with regard to their handling of Dinky laid out for all to witness. xxx

  2. Thanks Jane

    I must admit it was pretty awesome having the special needs group leader there. She said all it takes is giving the child time and space but also choices and helping them understand what is going on. I must admit all the other professionals were pretty good at telling the school they were wrong on so many things.
    I didn’t have to worry about losing my temper, although at one bit I did say that the school haven’t done what they are supposed to and I shouldn’t have to bring 4 other professionals into a room to get Dinky’s needs met.

    Hopefully they stick to their word… I’m not convinced they will, but that will just go as evidence toward a statement.

  3. I need to find me one of those hissing
    SNGL’s!! Where did you find her?
    High functioning= highly autistic? Oh
    dear…more than one muppet, then?
    The Muppet admitting for all to hear
    that the school is not suitable and
    that a statement is needed, are both
    huge too.
    Well done DM!! You have outwitted AND outshamed them!! LOVE IT
    when the little guys win one!!!

  4. Thanks Colleen,

    I think I was lucky to find the hissing SNGL! She was great especially with trying to get the now and next put back in. Although to be fair dinky probably has it right.
    (I was doing some more little pics for her portable now and next and she asked if I was doing one for school. I said no but she should have one on Monday, she said “they won’t do it” and walked off. Even a 5 year old knows they are full of it!)
    Well where there are a room professionals the ratio of muppets goes up tenfold!

    Thanks… It felt like a win, but also like a loss, because before we can get a statement, the school has to do lots of things, and as I said in TAC “if it takes 4 weeks to get her a coat peg, I don’t hold out much hope of the school doing anything in a timely fashion.” Also they haven’t actioned the things from the last TAC, which makes it harder to believe them.

    • Our very last meeting with Dillon’s previous school sounds a bit like yours! We had behaviour support there and when it had finished he walked out with us and said it was never going to work at that school, they wouldn’t do anything he had suggested so he’d start looking for a new school, although he really shouldn’t and would get in trouble if he was found out!!!
      Dillon’s new school, which he didn’t find because we had changed LEAs by then, has been so understanding and even when he got cross this week and kicked a glass door thus smashing it, the Head said he could understand what had set him off and the deputy said she needed to talk to her staff about making messages very black and white for Dillon and not giving him mixed messages!! Yippee ! Finally a school that really seems to get it!! Good luck, as always ‘xx

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