interesting conversations

I have been having some interesting conversations with the SN group leader over the last couple of days.

Normally we don’t talk very often. It is hard to talk to her when Dinky (and about 5/6 other kids) are waiting to go somewhere, or after when Dinky just wants to move or doesn’t want us talking about her.
So to have a small conversation with her a few days before the TAC and on facebook, it seems she doesn’t have hardly any of the challenging behaviour dinky shows.

As I said before, she was awesome in the TAC and although I had 4 professionals in there for Dinky she was the only one that pushed anything. The others were pretty much silent when the school were saying tings they knew to be untrue.

However it wasn’t until I got the questionnaire back that I asked her to fill out, that I realised how different Dinky is when she is with her. 
I can see the type of behaviour Dinky shows when she is there. 
yesterday I spoke to her more in depth than I have been able to previously, and found it highly amusing that she was still saying that she couldn’t believe I didn’t slap the class teacher.  She said that she couldn’t believe that Dinky was the way she was being described by the school. I told her that while I think they over use the word dominating, she can be extremely difficult. She said Dinky has never spat at, or hit one of her staff/volunteers. Which is great, but she does do it, regardless of whether or not she has seen it.

It was when she asked if Dinky was always harder after trips with her that I thought about it and said sometimes. I asked why, she said because she didn’t want it to be that dinky was holding it in.

So I have been going through the blog posts where Dinky went to SN group and it seems that yes, Dinky actually holds it all in at the group and struggles after and the next day sometimes too. 2 days were actually the worst 2 she has had in the last 6 months where I have had to physically restrain her when she has gone into major meltdown over something so minor it was hard to see the issue.


I guess it is hard, I never really thought about it because Dinky loves the group leader. They are not group trips they are specifically the group leader trips.

I don’t know what to do… more awkwardly she messaged me on facebook while I was writing this. What do I say to her about it. Do I mention it to her, because obviously she is getting anxious and holding it in, which is something she ripped into the school about.

I still cant believe It wasn’t more obvious to me that she struggles afterwards.


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