Thank goodness for tipex!

Sounds odd I know. However when you have no alternative but to send your child to a school run by muppets, tipex is never too far away (but far enough so that the child doesn’t paint the base of your chair… Again… Lesson learned!).

Dinky now has a contact book, and while I am happy to receive information from the school about her day I find myself looking at both sad and smiley faces, as if that gives me a true indication of my daughter’s time away from me and in the hands of the supposedly educated muppets.
I notice 2 bits of paper placed inside, so I take them out. One is the behaviour questionnaire I asked them to fill out over a week ago! and the other is the whole year plan. And there is actual writing, I peak in interest, until I see it is from the head teacher, and I realise that my stress levels can’t take that as dinky was almost literally bouncing round the living room having finished her spinning. So I look at the behaviour questionnaire.
Well, according to whomever filled it out, it is only somewhat true that she resists demands, her role playing the whole day as Shira is ‘appropriate to age’, and other than that nothing out of the ordinary for a typical child who participates well in school, is popular and has no issues whatsoever. Stress levels rising, Dinky is now asking if she can get a job instead of going to school, I get her dinner ready.
Once she is eating, I sit and read the bit from the head teacher.
She writes that she believed that Dinky wouldn’t go to assembly as it was thought it was too stressful for her, and Fridays assembly is ok because it focuses on celebration and head teachers cups.
The educational psychologist is coming out on the 5th November and Dinky will be discussed.
The behaviour questionnaire was completed
Dinky will now receive 1:1 in phonics
The teacher has asked the other children not to tease Dinky about her reins.
Hope this is helpful.

My reply 1:
No this is not helpful! We must have been at different TAC meetings, the idea is to reduce her anxiety and try to do what is in Dinky’s best interests, if she is upset, is it not worth taking her in there and then IF she can’t cope, take her out? Too logical?
Thanks for the behaviour questionnaire, I guess I will stop the statutory assessment request as Dinky has somehow miraculously changed her behaviour so much since the TAC it is no longer necessary! Guess she will be staying after all!
Why is she on the list for educational psychologist if she is doing so well? She obviously has caught up in social skills, stopped having meltdowns in school, stopped being controlling (or in your own words dominating), and has stopped all the other things that you were not happy with, so now it doesn’t happen and it is all in my head? Or is that because it turns out I haven’t neglected her and actually have shown her the love and attention she needs?
Yes I’m ever so grateful….

Tipex, more tipex and just in case!

My reply 2 (once the tipex dried)

Oh yes extremely helpful, your teacher lied, you can’t be trusted to make judgement calls and there is no way I can get her out of your school if you pretend everything is honky dory! Great! Thank you.


My reply 3

Your school is a joke and you are a muppet


So I left it tipexd and with them guessing what reply I left to the muppetry.

I screwed up the behaviour questionnaire and threw it across the room, dinky asked me why I had done it. Fair question, I would probably been furious if it was her. So I told her that her teacher has answered questions and it seems she loves school and is a very good girl. Dinky made me laugh as she said “I DO NOT like school and I do be naughty sometimes”. Well, at least my 5 year old can tell the truth!

Dinky was still really on edge and when I said “right, I need to get your swim stuff” she was worse, and then began saying she couldn’t get heads shoes on, and walked past them saying she couldn’t find them. When I pointed out where they were she was furiou, took herself upstairs and began trashing her room. So she didn’t go to swimming yesterday. I think it is just all too much for her at the moment. So I finished my second draft of the statutory assessment request which took me 3 hours (I was kind of watching Manchester United vs Liverpool too, and deleting bits which seemed like an attack on the school and not a fight for Dinky’s needs to be met)

This morning dinky was under the washing. Although she did get dressed by the visual timer so not bad!
Although she did say that she has done enough school and that she will be an adult soon and do work instead!

Ear defenders were out again this morning, I think the guy who walks his dog at the same time we get to the road is becoming accustomed to the little girl in the bright pink coat, with the pink wrist reins and now the bright pink ear defenders!

We shall see how things go…

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