School, and the weekend

For those who do not follow Dinky and me on facebook… we have had a small win where the school are concerned!

On Friday I got a support timetable in her contact book. She is to have 1 hour of 1:1 every day in the morning, and then the first 20 minutes of literacy and Maths she will be in small groups. This is WHILE they wait for someone to answer their advertisement for a part time TA for her!

It is such a big step forward!

I have since figured out that in order to get her a statement and therefore out of the school, they have to have given her up to 20 hours of support a week and prove that it isn’t working. The reasons matter a little, but not so much as the fact that she WILL now get the support she needs!

I have sent off my parental statutory assessment request! So in 6 weeks I shall find out if they will assess. If not I will fight. I will always fight! Dinky needs me to do this for her. I guess the contact book is going to be really good evidence as it shows she refuses to join in group activities and refuses to work. She has only completed one writing session in a week. It also might help with the paediatrician on the 7th.


Dinky has been al over the place after school all week. I haven’t seen her this bad, anxiety wise, for a long time. It is really difficult because she is just screaming, crying and lashing out over the smallest of things.


This weekend has seen Dinky find an od game that I forgot she had. It is an Xbox Kinect game called Elmo- Once upon a monster. Dinky acts as the control and becomes Elmo in the ‘book’. She gets to act out all the bits and it is great. She even had my dad up dancing with her yesterday! (Which was highly amusing, and I have pictures!)

She still found any demands difficult, and even found the more direct demands on the game hard to follow and decided to do her own thing, which was fine. I’m glad she has found something that can entertain her and keep her focused. It is much better than her jumping off the sofa and breaking things (she has broken a number of her toy story toys lately through heavy handed crashing games).

Dinky has calmed more today, it is so hard because I know it wont last. School tomorrow.. and I know it will be back to the same as last week.

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