When the weird and the wonderful become part of everyday life

I know most kids do strange things every now and again, but when it becomes the norm, it can be a bit hard to take.

There are moments along the diagnostic journey when, it becomes difficult to see how people can not see what you see. I have been having rather a lot of these moments lately. Mostly sensory stuff like:

Chewing rubbery things and toys
Sucking Simba’s (soft toy) tail
Licking metal objects (mostly door handles)
Putting tissue in her mouth
Putting seashells in her mouth
Sensitivity to noise (and therefore wears ear defenders sometimes when out)
Wearing ear defenders while the vent for the Hoover blows in her face and she watches the bits go round and round
Slamming her body against the back of the sofa

I’m sure there are many more. When the family link worker came out on Thursday, her idea was to do a visual aid for Dinky in the form of two choices. The list to make Velcro backed pictures for is as follows

Lining up Coins
Ear defenders-Hoover
Remote control car

This really isn’t the type of thing a parent makes for a typical child the fact that Dinky would rather do one of those things than, say, go out on her bike, shows she is not a typical child.
Her paediatrician appointment is now a week away, and I am determined to get the paediatrician to see that Dinky is on the spectrum and fits PDA. I am not the only one who says it, 4 professionals at the TAC said they thought she was on the spectrum, I need confirmation so I can get other support services in place for her.

I am ready to do battle… Getting my PDA war paint on!

Today Dinky went to soft play, the centre was closed and it was special needs kids by invitation only. Which was lovely, as it was quiet and there are no judgey parents wondering why your child happens to be sucking the mesh, or sitting and watching the lights in the disco room, or racing round in the little tykes cars refusing to share, or bouncing round like Tigger on speed!

Coming home was an absolute nightmare. She was arguing with a lad who may also have PDA, then they sat and played nicely (but very loudly) on the bus. She kept saying “it is the middle of the night”, over and over.
She found it hard coming back in the dark. But she did ok letting me get her ready for bed.

Now she is sound asleep… Thank you Melatonin!


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